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February 5, 2011
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CHS Baseball Diamond Dinner
Clay Overcash -- Chicago White Sox Scout
A nearly full crowd of CHS Baseball supporters filled the CHS Middle School Commons Saturday evening for the annual Diamond Dinner despite the record snowfall less than 5 days before. The CHS baseball players, parents and supporters heard from Clay Overcash who is a scout for the Chicago White Sox (and sporting a 2005 World Series ring). Overcash was formerly coach at Union HS and lives in Oologah. He scouts high school and college baseball prospects for the White Sox in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Nebraska and Kansas. He told the current Collinsville players that the White Sox are not just looking for good baseball players but for "good citizens" and that how they represent themselfs off the field (Facebook, ringtones, comments by girl friend and parents, for example) could help potential employeers decide against investing in them. Chris Lincoln was the Master of Ceremonies and congratulated the 2010 5A State Champions and also Coach Reeder for his Hall of Fame and Coach of the Year honors.
JrHi State Wrestling Tournament
Davion Jeffries and Gary Wayne Harding won individual JH State Championships this weekend in OKC. Harding joined a very elite group by winning his 4th. Gary Wayne joined Micheal Lightner and TJ Jawarsky as wrestlers that won 4 JH State tiles. Lightner went on to win 4 Oklahoma HS State titles and 1 NCAA title. Jawarsky also went on the win 4 Ok State titles and 3 NCAA title. Not bad company for GW Harding. -- Jim Riley 2/5/2010
Gary Wayne Harding
Davion Jeffries
The Other Record Storm (Australia Cyclone Yasi)
On the same day Oklahoma (& many other states in the USA) were experiencing a record blizzard and snowstorm ... Australia was hit by their biggest and strongest Cyclone (or Hurricane as we call them here). Emily Wright is a 2003 CHS Graduate. Emily works for James Cook University in Townsville, Australia, as a microbiology technician.
In case you are tired of looking at snow.. this is the view my daughter Emily had after Cyclone Yasi passed by where she stayed near Townsville, Australia. They were without power for more than 30 hours but it has been restored and she posted several photos on Facebook today. -- Ted Wright -- Friday Feb. 4, 2011
Thursday Update: Emily left phone message that the house is OK also. Expect utility outages (cell phone and water for example) for some time. -- Ted 2:30pm 2/3/2011 (Note: I'm using our Oklahoma times on these updates as it is always already tomorrow there ...and it is summer in Australia now also) -- (Fuel Shortage Link)
Got a 3:50pm phone message that Emily and Tyler "are fine" from Tyler's Dad in Australia. Cyclone Yasi has knocked out cell phone service but they were able to get word to him via a neighbor's land line. He said the cyclone was down to a category 2 now and they expected to be able to get out and check out damage in a few hours. -- Ted Wright -- Wed. 5:40pm 2/2/2011 -- [Update]
Emily called back ~2:30pm Tuesday and said Cyclone Yasi was now a category 5 and she and Tyler would soon leave for a friend's (brick) house that would hopefully be outside the storm surge area of Townsville with just a few hour before it was expected to hit. She said it was likely power would be out for several days but she would report when she could after the storm passes. -- Ted 5pm 2/1/2011
Got a call from my daughter Emily in Australia today saying she was trying to get ready for a category 4 cyclone (Yasi) that is expected to hit there Wednesday (our Tuesday). She has been through Florida hurricanes and Australia cyclones before but this is the biggest / closest one she has had to worry about. -- Ted Wright 4pm Monday 1/31/2011 --- as we prep for our snow/ice event here the same day. (radar)
Previous Coverage: A Pair of Cyclones In 2006
School Looks Possible For Monday
I had seen a few Facebook photos of the High School in the past few days (following Tuesday's record snow fall) but finally made it out myself Saturday and was surprised to see it looking almost "student ready".
The south side was pretty well coverd by a huge drift but a path to the door is now available and the parking lot and entry/exits to Highway 20 are in good shape. The Middle School (where the baseball dinner was held Saturday night above) has had considerable clearing done but much work remains. I have no idea what shape the other campuses are in. The weather man is also calling for more snow next week. -- Ted
Hi Ted - noticed your coverage on JH state winners this past weekend, but wanted to give you an additional update. Keenan Priddy took 2nd place in the 175 lb weight class and Roc Robbins took 2nd in the 140 lb 6/7 grade division. Due to the weather only 5 JH wrestlers were able to make it to OKC and C'ville came away with 4 medalist. -- Thanks for all your Cardinal coverage. -- Danielle Robbins 2/7/2011