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City Commission Work Session
August 11, 2011
4 Topics To "Discuss"'s
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DATE: Thursday August 11, 2011
TIME: 4:00 p.m.
PLACE: Commission Chambers, Collinsville City Hall
106 N. 12th Street

Notice and agenda filed in the office of the City Clerk and posted at City Hall at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 1, 2011.
Angela McGinnis, City Clerk


1. Call to Order -- 2. Flag Salute -- 3. Roll Call -- All Present

4. Discussion concerning disposition of Collinsville Sale Barn Property.

James Rodrick is the current lease holder for the Collinsville Livestock Sale Barn which is located on city property just south of town. Despite the favorable terms of $100 per year for approximately another 158 years, Rodrick is requesting to buy the property outright (at the assessed value believed to be approximately $130K) before building a feed store. His son will operate both the sale barn and feed store. Rodrick says it is againat the advise of his financial advisor but he feels it is the "right thing to do" and also thinks the "it is fair that the city receive a fair value" for their property instead of just $100 each year which were terms locked in years ago when the sale barn moved from downtown. Rodrick stated that if for some reason the sale was not possible that he would contine with the existing lease. It appeared none of the commissioners could see any disadvantage to the city so this will likely be an agenda item soon for commission action.

5. Discussion concerning International Property Management Codes.
This is apparenty a system that could help the city staff more effeciently and fairly process letters, notices, citations, etc ... to work property maintenance issues for multiple properties. Includes a software system and provides an additional enforcement tool.

6. Discussion concerning illegal parking on city thoroughfares. -- This topic drew the most interest and had at least 10 citizens present their views to the commissioners and city staff on what centers on delivery drivers double parking on Main Street which is also a state highway and being ticketed by Collinsville police. I will not attempt to cover all their concerns from the lengthy discussion, but will attempt to summarize a few key points:
* Double parking is illegal, and passing a vehicle double parked is potentially illegal if double yellow lines are crossed.
* The city should be doing everything possible to make doing business on Main Street easier ... not more difficult.
* Moving deliveries to the back door of many local merchants introduces many new security issues.
* Why is this now "a problem" with no change (to the laws or delivery driver routine in decades), except Main Street got wider?
* Concern with Collinsville's reputation (for law enforcement) by delivery drivers, potential out of town shoppers and locals.
* Several expressed a concern that a policeman making a u-turn in the middle of downtown to give a warning to a delivery driver seemed worse than any potential hazard for the few minutes drivers are double parked.
* Although designated parking spots for the delivery trucks (which are too long for the existing angle parking) seems like a good "legal" alternative, some seemed reluctant to give up permanent parking spaces all day for the short infrequent deliveries.
* One extreme proposal would ask the legislature for a (state-level) exemption for these type of deliveries. With exemptions already in place for school buses and certain mail deliveries.
* Common sense goes a long way
* The traffic load on Main/Highway 20 is expected to increase with the S-Curve improvements and just continued growth.
(Previous Coverage: 7/5 city meet & 6/6 city meet)

7. Discussion concerning Outdoor Cafes. -- Mayor Sallee opened the discussion stating ADA (Americans With Disibilities Act) and safety concerns should be clearly defined and handled uniformly for dining establishments that wish to have outdoor seating and tables. He also noted that each property has unique contributors to what can be allowed without obstructing pedestrian flow. Bartlesville's rules and procudures are being studied for possible incorporation here. A yearly permit system is likely, with liability insurance required, no glass containers allowed, as examples of some features. It was also discussed that side streets would be treated the same as Main Street for ADA requirements.

8. Adjornment.

Ted Wright comments in purple

* "Illegal" Delivery Parking
Disposition of Sale Barn Property
* International Property Maintenance
* Outdoor Cafes


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