Collinsville, Oklahoma
October 12, 2010
Collinsville Hosted Metro Lakes
Cross Country Conference Meet

Collinsville Girls 2nd & Collinsville Boys 4th
Coweta Girls 1st & Tahlequah Boys 1st

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Collinsville Girls (in light blue above) ran 2 miles and Collinsville boys in red (with white letters center below) ran 3.1 miles on the course behind Herald Elementary & ECC.
Teams competed here Tuesday from Collinsville, Coweta, Tahlequah, Skiatook, Bishop Kelley, Pryor, Claremore, & Catoosa in the first-ever Collinsville hosted XC meet.
Top 10 Girls (L-R): 1-Jessica Hembree (Tahlequah), 2-Christi Dougherty (Coweta), 3-Ariel Mackey (Bishop Kelley), 4-Jaclyn Lake (Coweta), 5-Shelbie Kirby (Collinsville), 6-Amy Richardson (Bishop Kelley), 7-Shechinah Adams (Coweta), 8-Chenae Tschirhart (Tahleqhah), 9-Kelsey Graham (Pryor), and 10-Hailey Kirby (Collinsville).
Top 10 Boys (L-R): 1-Micah Holcomb (Tahlequah), 2-Sean Kane (BK), 3-Michael Duke (BK), 4-Ara Poteete (Tahlequah), 5-Sam Stephan (BK), 6-Reno Blum (Tahlequah), 7-Derrick Young (Tahlequah), 8-Viktor Bazan (Coweta), 9-Moe Brown (Tahlequah), 10-Kyle Roberts (Coweta).
Zach Ushery (left) was the top boys finisher for Collinsville.
Jessica Hembree (Tahlequah) finished first here as she did at State last year.
Collinsville Cross Country Girls Team
Collinsville Cross Country Boys Team
Girls Metro Lakes Conference Champs - Coweta
Boys Metro Lakes Conference Champs - Tahlequah