Collinsville, Oklahoma
October 25, 2010
Construction Update

Streetscape / S-Curve / Jail /
West Sewer

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The old wide sidewalks from 10th to 9th on Main will soon be torn out and replaced with narrower sidewalks, new light poles without overhead power lines, and corner bumpouts as the phase II streetscape project begins. The other phase II block is from 12th to 13th. (Previous Coverage)
The new City of Collinsville jail is making good progress with the exterior brick now covering portions of the cinder block walls. (Previous Coverage)
Front view of jail. (Jail Drawing)
Utility relocation for the S-Curve "straighting" project has been under way for a few weeks with the activity above at the corner of 16th and Main.
Some may be surprised that the S-Curve project actually will reach all the way to 14th Street (with 4 lanes) to where Main Street is already wider downtown. I still have not heard officially if the other end reaches the high school or just to the nursing home? (Previous Coverage) (New S-Curve Map).
I don't know if there is a "Project" planned to replace the brick surface following a utility repair (and temporary? gravel fill) made several months ago (by the Post Office & Jail) at 11th & Center. But there should be! -- Ted
Plaza Editorial Revisited
(4+ Years Later)
Construction of the new city sewer line on the south side of Highway 20 west towards Highway 75 has been in progress for several weeks now. These stacks of pipe are near 97th E. Ave. but some section of pipe are already underground further west of town. (Previous Coverage)
This vintage steel sidewalk ramp (west of the Library) onto 13th Street will soon be replaced with a corner bumpout and multiple ramps like those already completed from 12th to 10th.
Plaza & Bench Revisited
I'm not disappointed that there is still no "formal" plaza as I was not (and am still not) a fan of closing 12th Street at Main Street next to City Hall. But it seems odd that that there was such a rush to close the street back in 2005 for a "Centennial" plaza and almost 5 years later there is nothing there other than the phase I streetscape design to block the street (and a Survivor Tree).
I still hope a functional street will someday be restored..
-- Ted Wright -- Oct. 25, 2010

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Sept. 2008 Centennial Bench In Plaza for just a few days
Dec. 2008 OKC Survivor Tree
As a side note, I've often wondered if the "Centennial" bench (which made a brief appearance Sept. 11, 2008 on the Plaza sidewalk above ) would ever re-appear in public. The last time I saw it was in city storage (see 2009 photo below). My theory at the time, was that it was taken off the plaza for fear of skateboarder "grinding", but it seems it could still be used somewhere else indoors? -- Ted Wright Oct. 25, 2010