Collinsville, Oklahoma
February 27, 2010
City Pool Destruction

Historic Collinsville Community
Swimming Pool Being Removed
New Splash Pad Area To Be Ready By Summer

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The 3 Saturday (Feb. 27, 2010) photos above show the state of the old swimming pool in the City Park as heavy equipment had already smashed most of the subsurface concrete in the few days since Tuesday's ground breaking ceremony for a major round of park improvements.
In Brighter Days ...

It took five years of fundraising and volunteer labor to get the pool completed by 1958 and used through the summer of 2005.
Note: If I am able to set up the pool display that I have in my mind (at the Newspaper Museum In Collinsville) ...
I would like those that grew up with the pool (or took their kids / grandkids there) to submit their favorite Collinsville pool photos (or memories) to be included in that display. -- Ted Wright -- Feb. 27, 2010

At the ground breaking ceremony Tuesday Carolyn (Keith) Smith recalled many nights that her Dad would be at the pool working after dark (after a full days work on the farm) during the volunteer construction. She said they would often work using the headlights of their cars to light their work.

I recall my own Dad and older brothers coming home after pool construction work but too young to go myself. -- Ted