Collinsville, Oklahoma
October 7, 2009
Miscellaneous News

Brick Streets Last Longer Than Asphalt / Miss Collinsville Pageant Cancelled / Library Sister City Program

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Repairs Of Our City Streets
Hi Ted,

Have been aiming to voice an opinion of the paving of a lot of the streets about town. We know a lot of them need repair, but has anyone really thought about the ones that are needed or not needed? Most of them are the black topped ones. Think about it. Our brick streets have been here forever and require very little maintenance, while the black tops need it continuously. How long have they (brick streets) been here - and how old are the concrete or black top streets, how long they've been here and how much continual maintenance they require over our brick streets. I hope the city and our community realizes what an asset our brick streets are. Visitors are amazed and awed of them. Hopefully they will leave the brick streets alone and will not resurface any more of them than is actually needed. It is common knowledge that black tops only last for a little while. Bad weather plays havoc with them. How often do our black top streets require patchwork or overlays? Our brick streets have been here forever and most are still in good shape with very little if any upkeep.

I'm sure there are those who are going to disagree with me. I personally prefer a little rough (and slower) ride every once in a while to keep our bricked streets and preserve our towns history, rather than cover them up with asphalt that will require patching pot holes or resurfacing every few years. Besides that, as slow as the speed limits are in town, it's not rough at all. Think of all the money the city can save by keeping our brick streets.

Linda Fleming (10/5/2009)
Ted Wright Comments On:
Brick -vs- Asphalt Streets

I agree we have wonderful brick streets which should be preserved (and in some cases repaired). Most of the need for repairs are related to city work on utilities under the pavement with improper restoration of the brick and undersurface (over many years). The city has indicated a desire to preserve the brick streets and acknowledge a need for better repair techniques. I have not heard any city inclination to remove asphalt from former brick streets that have previously been covered with asphalt ... especially Highway 20 (Main Street downtown).

"Forever" mentioned in Linda Fleming's letter above actually goes back many years (possibly 1915-1919?) when the majority of Collinsville brick streets were originally paved. I've noticed in old photos that Main Street bricks had been covered with asphalt as early as early 1950s and maybe sooner?

The same day I received Linda's letter I noticed a new repair on 12th Street (within a few feet of City Hall) where asphalt was used to fill in a low spot on the previously all-brick pavement at the alley way. I don't think it will cause any long term damage to the brick (if it is temporary?) but seems inconsistent with what I thought was the city's policy on not covering more brick? -- Ted Wright
No Miss Collinsville Pageant This Year
According to Kay Alexander
of the Miss Oklahoma Pageant:

Heather Cunningham resigned her position as Director of the Miss Collinsville Pageant effective September 1, 2009 therefore The Miss Collinsville Pageant which is held annually every October has been cancelled for the 2009-2010 year.

The Miss Collinsville Pageant has been held every year for over 25 years and is a preliminary pageant for the Miss Oklahoma/Miss America Pageant System. We would like to keep this tradition of our home town going.

If you are interested in becoming the Director of the Miss Collinsville Pageant please contact Kay Alexander, Executive Director of the Miss Oklahoma Pageant System at 918-461-9595.
Last Year: Pageant & Winners
Ted Wright Note: I heard of the potential of there not being a Miss Collinsville Pageant this year (from Heather Cunningham) via a 7/22/2009 email but did not have confirmation until today (10/7/2009). Heather did not provide a reason for the change in status then or this week.
Sister Cities At Library

There will be an opportunity to welcome Tulsa's sister city, San Luis Potosi, Mexico to Oklahoma via the Collinsville Meeting room November 7th 11:30-2:00.

Promotional materials for the Tulsa Global Alliance Sister Cities program will be arriving at libraries this week. The Sister Cities program will take place over two Saturday's in November at eight Tulsa City-County Library locations. It will feature volunteers representing eight of Tulsa's Sister Cities. Events will feature music, food, traditional dress, games, etc.

Susan Babbitt (10/6/2009)