Collinsville, Oklahoma
May 14, 2009
Miscellaneous News

"Free" Dump Day Saturday /
Letter To Editor & Sen. Brogdon /
May 6th City Work Session

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Sat. May 16 Dump Day Now Free
There have been some changes to the city dump day on May 16th. It will now be a FREE dump day. Residents will still have to take their items to the Quarry Landfill. They will need to show their drivers license and a current Collinsville utility bill so they will not be charged. Landfill hours are 6:00am – 2:00pm. Hot dogs and prizes are at 4:00pm and the drawing will be held at 5:00pm. Any questions residents can call City Hall at 371-1010 Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm.

Thank you,
Sharon Kirwin (5/14/2009)
Utility Billing Clerk
City of Collinsville
(918) 371-1010 ext 2023

Quarry Landfill is at 13740 E. 46th St. North
Drug Tests For Welfare Mothers?
I received a phone call from Senator Brogdon this morning in response to my e-mail I sent him yesterday. Senator Brogdon explained in better detail the purpose of the bill he is supporting which was left out of the news article that got me so fired up about the situation. I want to let Tulsa County residents know how much I appreciated Senator Brogdon taking the time to make the personal phone call to me concerning my letter. I truly appreciated it.

Karen Randell-Clark, M.B.A. (5/14/2009)
Utilities Analyst
City of Tulsa, Utilities Services

This measure is being supported by Senator Brogdon. I have included a e-mail I have sent to him. I think the Tulsa county citizens should see that Senator Brogdon is negatively sterotyping welfare mothers.

Senator Randy Brogdon
2300 N Lincoln Blvd, Room 416
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105

Dear Senator Brogdon:

I find it completely appalling that you would support a measure requiring welfare recipient mothers to submit to drug testing.

As a former welfare recipient who has never abused drugs or alcohol, I find this measure grossly stereotyping welfare mothers. Many welfare mothers sometimes have no choice but to temporarily seek the assistance of the state due to financial reasons. Not all recipients of A.F.D.C. and food stamps are people with drug and alcohol abuse problems.

Twenty-one years ago I was a high school educated single mother of four children, who had to turn to the State of Oklahoma for assistance, because the deadbeat father of my children would not pay child support. He moved from state to state for many years which made it difficult to find him to enforce the support order. What needs to be reformed is the child support enforcement system . Welfare mothers can become a thing of the past if more emphasis was spent on tracking down the deadbeat parents that force the mothers into applying for welfare.

I have come a long way in the twenty-one years since I received former welfare payments, because I absolutely refused to be a statistic. I have worked, paid taxes, and completed my education so that I could provide a better life for my children. You should be ashamed of yourself by generalizing that welfare mothers are drug abusers.

Karen Randell-Clark, M.B.A. (5/13/1009)

Ted Note: Karen is a former city clerk for the City of Collinsvile.
City Work Session (May 6th)

The Collinsville City Commission met Wednesday May 6th for a work session to discuss the following topics:

  • Retail Attractions, LLC
  • Taxi Service Permit Fees
  • Ordinances and Emergency Clause
  • Ward-Wiseman Animal Shelter
  • Sidewalk Ordinance
  • New City Logo
No formal actions are taken at work sessions ... but I can't even report on the discussions as I was unaware of the meeting until a day later as I didn't receive an email notice and don't always remember to check the posted notices every day on the bulletin board at city hall ... but you've heard my complaints about that "highly efficient" form of notification before.-- Ted Wright -- 5/14/2009