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Collinsville Chamber of Commerce
March 5, 2009
Grand River Dam Authority
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GRDA Supplies Electricity
To City Of Collinsville
First Hydo Power Generated In 1940 ... Now Have Three Sources

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The Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA) is a non-appropriated Oklahoma State agency. It was founded in 1935 during the depression and WPA workers built the Pensecola Dam which started producing hydoelectricity in 1940. GRDA now also has coal and gas fired plants to supplement the water generated power it provides to mostly northeastern Oklahoma and nearby states.

GRDA and its 495 employees not only provided electricity but they have a range of mandates from managing their various lakes (Grand, Hudson,...), conservation, and economic development. The headquarters are located in Vinita but there are facilities at various locations in NE Oklahoma including the a 36% interest purchase in the Redbud (gas) Power Plant.

Coal is now the primary source of GRDA electricity with that coal arriving by train Wyoming. The coal generation plant can burn a train load of coal in 1 day. About 12% of electricity in Oklahoma is produced by GRDA and it is ranked the 29th largest in electricity sales in the US.

The City of Collinsville has been a GRDA electric customer most of the years since 1940 (with 1992-2003 being supplied by Public Service of Oklahoma). Collinsville will be featured in an upcoming issue of GRDA's newsletter.

Next Chamber
meet is April 2nd

Justin Alberty (GRDA Media Services)

2009 Chamber Officers

Pres: Cory Slagle
VP: Jin Dolton
Sec/Tres: Billie Francis
Pres. Elect: Ernie Davis

Directors (2009-2011):
Nichole Landrum
Ted Wright
Bill Johnston

Directors (2008-2010):
Christine Wilson
Kelly Hamlin

Laura Schuchman
(GRDA Community Relations)

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