Collinsville, Oklahoma
July 14, 2009
Worst Street?

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Ted's Candidate For
"Street Most In Need of Repair"
I have not yet seen a city plan or priority list for street sections to be repaired (3.3 miles of overlay ... following the April sales tax vote approval and July 1st start of increased tax collection). As usual I'm not not above sharing my personal opinion but will also welcome a few other "worthy" candidates from viewers. My candidate street section is Maple just west of 19th Street leading to the entrance to the football field and in front of Miracles of Faith Church. If there is no other traffic you can avoid the numerous potholes by changing lanes a few times but it sure would be nice to have this stretch of road more vehicle friendly before the first home varsity football game (Sept. 11th). And there are plenty of other activities before then including a scrimmage & "Meet The Cards", etc...
-- Ted Wright -- -- 7/14/2009 Viewer Comments:
Wednesday 7/15/2009:
Thanks so much for posting our street. I was told that when they finished Broadway that our street would be done before the county workers left the city. Instead they repaved Main and left town.

I have not talked with Mayor Sallee since then as to what reason there was for not fixing our street. It was destroyed when the football field was done, but it was not done right in the first place.

Thanks again, Pastor Jim
Miracles of Faith Church -- 1902 W. Maple St.

Thursday 7/16/2009:
I totally agree with you. That street is awful. You would think that a street with so much traffic on it would get taken care of. It is embarrassing to know that people have to travel on such a sorry road to get to our nice football stadium.
-- name not given (just an email address)
Friday 7/17/2009:
I have to agree with Pastor Jim. That street is in terrible condition, and it is right next to our very nicely remodeled stadium. It looks like that road should have been repaired long ago. I'm thinking its the one to pick. -- Daniel Mansfield
Ted Note (7/17): How about some other streets in need of repair?
Ted Note (7/20): I've been surprised no one has offered a 2nd place or challenger. I expect to learn more about the city's plan as the "street overlay" is a topic on the agenda for the city commission at 7pm July 20th.

I noticed that a city crew had been out today making some small patches with fresh asphalt. I didn't have a chance to see where all they might have gone but did see this patch at 14th & Center by the Middle School. -- Ted 7/20/2009

10:30pm update ... I did see that the patch work did make some improvement on the Maple "worst street" above. -- Ted -- I'll have a bit more to say on street plans when I complete the city commission page sometime tomorrow. -- Ted