Collinsville, Oklahoma
February 27, 2009
Herald Elementary "Honesty" Kids

Character Kids Announced For Month of February

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2009 CHS Senior Pages Preview:

In 2 Months ...
Cody Sherburn will be one of about 180 CHS Seniors who will each have their own page on Those pages are to be completed by May 1st, 2009. Each student or parent is invited to submit a few favorite photos to be included on their page. Contact Ted Wright ( for additional information on photos or advertising on those pages.

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3rd Graders (L-R): McKenzie Talbott, Aubrey McClendon, James Hodge, Skyler Jarrard, Traci Blankenship,. Morgan Thomason, Kyle Jackson, and Kylie Harrell.
4th Graders (L-R): Raven Murphy, Avery Longshore, Korry Burr, Timothy Caputo, Trent Flanagan, Seth Boomer, and Chandler Cole.
5th Graders (L-R): Tiffany Trimble, Cheyenne Anderson, Justin Walker, Kristen Elmore, Hannah Linzy, Brayden Harris and (Not pictured: Sam West).

Feb. 2009 Herald Elementary "Honesty: Character Kids Selections by Teachers:


1. McKenzie Talbott - Mr. Fugate

2. Aubrey McClendon - Mr. Rankin

3. James Hodge - Mrs. Jennings

4. Skyler Jarrard - Mrs. Coburn

5. Traci Blankenship - Mrs. Meyer

6. Morgan Thomason - Mrs. Beeson

7. Kyle Jackson - Mrs. West

8. Kylie Harrell - Mrs. Vogel


1. Raven Murphy - Ms. Weygand

2. Avery Longshore - Mrs. Cross

3. Korry Burr - Mrs. Fain

4. Timothy Caputo - Mrs. Myers

5. Trent Flanagan - Mrs. Burd

6. Seth Boomer - Mrs. Jackson

7. Chandler Cole - Mrs. Christian


1. Tiffany Trimble - Mrs. Cherry

2. Cheyenne Anderson - Mrs. Barnett

3. Justin Walker - Mrs. Borthick

4. Kristen Elmore - Mrs. Koopmans

5. Hannah Linzy - Ms. Trower

6. Brayden Harris - Mrs. Willard

Not pictured - Sam West - Ms. Blevins

Principal Rachel Chronister presented $5 bill 'rewards" to a few students that had found money and turned it into the office recently.
"News reporter" Tina Truth and her camerman interviewed several students and teacher to find out that honesty was alive and well on the Herald Elementary campus.
These students from Mrs. Jackson's class gave a hip-hop rap presentation about honesty.