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School Board Meet
(7pm) September 8, 2008

Wendell Johnson
State Board Recognition
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All persons interested in attending the Regularly Scheduled School Board Meeting for Collinsville Public Schools, Independent District I-6, should make plans to attend the meeting at the following date, time and place to wit: Date: Monday Sept. 8, 2008 -- Time: 7:00 p.m.
Place: Education Service Center, 1119 West Broadway, Collinsville OK 74021

State Representative Earl Sears (right) acknowledged the rare accomplishment of Wendell Johnson for achieving Level 5 membership at the Oklahoma State Board Association School Board Academy and being Elected to District 4 of the Oklahoma State School Board Association.

(Previous coverage:
Level 4 & Level 3)

1) Call to Order and Roll Call of Members.
2) Record of Members Present and Absent. -- Board members Donna Sears, Wendell Johnson, Steve Stout and Memory Ostrander were present from the beginning and were joined by Joe Hampton for items 7 and beyond.
3) Presentation by the Constituency. -- none
4) Reading of Minutes - Aug. 4, 2008 Regular Meeting. -- approved
5) Approval of Purchase Orders and Payment of Purchase Orders - FY2009 General, Building Funds and FY2009 General and Building Fund Reserves and All District Funds - Approval of Budgets, Reports, Allocations and Investments. -- approved
6) Presentation by Representative Earl Sears to Wendell Johnson for Achieving Level 5 Member of Oklahoma State Board Association School Board Academy and Being Elected to District 4 of the Oklahoma State School Board Association.
-- (see photo above) -- When Wendell Johnson reached level 3 (after attending workshops and activities to increase knowledge and professionalism for school board members) in November 2006 it was noted that was the highest level for a Collinsville school board member. In November 2007, Wendel had reached level 4 and now has reached level 5. Wendell was also elected to the state level school board giving Collinsville representation at the highest level in the state.
7) Representatives of Meadowcreek United Methodist Church to report on Back to School Supply Drive. -- Dr. Linda Wilson reported on the successful drive that filled 250 backpacks. 125 backpacks were picked up directly and the remainder were delivered to the schools and many have already been distributed to new students or used as supplies in classrooms. An additional $1000 will also be distributed to the schools. Linda said the church looks forward to continuing the project. Previous Coverage.
8) Discussion and Vote to Approve Contract for Financial Services with Stephen L. Smith Corp. for FY2009. -- approved
) Discussion and Vote to Approve
Activity Fund Raisers. -- 15 fund raisers were approved.
10) Discussion and Vote to Accept as Substantially Complete the High School Commons Renovation and High School Turf at Football Field. -- approved
11) Vote to Accept Bids for Herald Elementary Addition, High School Addition, HS Canopy and Wilson Elem Canopies. -- The low bid of Brewer Construction was accepted. The company had been given a provisional go-ahead and dirt was already moving at CHS earlier in the day as seen in the photo below.

12) Discussion and Vote to Approve FY2009 Estimate of Needs and Financial Statements. -- this item was deferred as Washington County evaluation data had not been received yet. A special school board meeting was set (under new business below) for Sept. 29th at 12:15pm to meet the deadline for this item.
13) Discussion and Vote to Approve Alternative Education Plan for FY2009. -- appproved (~45 students anticipated).
14) Vote to Approve Spring Extra Duty Coaching Assignments.-- approved

15) Resignation:
-- accepted
--a) Tristan Greer Jognson -- MS Teacher.
--b) Roberta Smith, Special Needs TA Herald Elem
--c) Pam Webb, Superintendent's Secretary - ECS
--d) Sharon Lay - FT Bus Driver
--e) Melinda Grace - MS Snack Bar
--f) Kelly Actkinson - HS CNP

16) Hiring of Personnel to Fill Current Vacancies: -- approved
--a) Summer Patty, MS Teacher (2001 CHS Grad Summer Forbes)
--b) Jackie Hamlin, HE CNP Cook, FT
--c) Norma Suntken, HS CNP Cook, FT
--d) Toni Thomason, Special Needs TA Herald
--e) Martha Boone, WI CNP Cook, PT
--f) Tena Thompson, FT AM/PM Bus Driver
--g) Edward Coats, FT AM/PM Bus Driver
--h) Mona Swaffer, PT TA Bus
--i) Leslie Smalygo, Special Needs TA MS
--j) Teresa Embrich, HS CNP Cook, FT
--k) Michelle McGonigal, TA Herald & AM/PM Bus Driver
--l) Sheila Bliss, FT AM/PM Bus Driver
--m) Kimberly Sharitt, CNP Satellite Bus Driver

17) Discussion and Vote to Approve Working Agreement for FY2009 for Administrative Personnel and Support Personnel.-- the agreement (including a 2% raise) was approved.

18) Assistant Superintendent's Report. -- Terry Due's report:

  • Pleased with completed HS Commons and Sallee Field turf (positive comments only at Sept. 5th first home football game on new turf).
  • The parking lot will be the first portion for the new work behind Herald (new classrooms). Poles for 10 new tether ball games are going in also.
  • Work on the new classrooms at the HS began today.

19) Superintendent's Report.
-- Pat Herald's report:

  • Julie Crutchfield demonstrated one of the seven new (~$1200 each) REDCAT Classroom Amplification systems for the school board (below). The teacher wears an (infared transmitting) microphone which is amplified and heard throughout the classroom via speakers with remarkable quality even with the teacher facing the board away from the students and the amplifier. The units have been tested in several classrooms at Wilson Elementary and the teacher response has been so positive that many more teachers are requesting the system in their rooms. It is hoped that grants will allow additional units to be purchased. The improved sound to students with hearing or even attention problems has been shown to improve reading scores in over 10 years of testing.
    Julie Crutchfield (with the microphone left)
    and Wilson Principal Cheryl Hunt (with the amplifier/speaker right)

20) Announcements. -- National design award for Collinsville's Early Childhood Center was featured in August 2008 issue of American School & University (Link for more info)

21) New Business (if any, of an emergency nature or that was not known at the time the agenda was posted):
* Special meeting set for Sept 29 for item 12 above.
* Board advised that the time may be right to consider sale of school property on North 15th Street with improvement being made in the area by a Herb Weaver development. May be considered at next regular board meet. The property is 7/5 acres and 10 acres is considered the minimum for a current day school development.

22) Adjournment

Posted Sept. 5, 2008 1:30pm at the door of the Education Service Center at 1119 W. Broadway

-- Ted Wright's comments added in purple

Bid Accepted: Additions to Herald, HS & Canopies

REDCAT Classroom Amplification System Demo'd

National Design Award For ECC