Collinsville, Oklahoma
November 20, 2008
Miscellaneous News

CHS Chorus: Boar's Heade Feast Dec. 6th /
Library Book Club Dec. 9th /
2009 Senior Pages & Photo CDs

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Boar’s Heade Feaste

“Lords and Ladies, one and all
Join us in the Banquet hall.”

Collinsville High School
Commons Area
December 6th, 2008
1pm Matinee Show
6pm Evening Show

“…For many have journeyed far for this night, in search of warmth, in search of light.”

…Find this for only
$12.50/ ticket

Is everyone ready? Is everyone in?
For entertainment and a hardy meal
Then as I have begun, let the party begin!

“trumpets, blow thy clarion call
& singers, (CHS & CMS chorus), hie thee to the hall!!”

Tickets may be purchased
at Collinsville High School #371-3382

Tickets may also be purchased from Lanette Cornett at Graffiti Salon.
925 West Main
Collinsville, Ok
From 10am- 5pm
Tuesday- Friday

Previous Coverage:
Collinsville Library COE Book Group
You are invited to join in the laughter and lively discussions of the Collinsville Library Comedy of Errors Book Group, December 9, at High Noon as we discuss Holiday books. Three short stories are on the list for December; Shirley, Goodness and Mercy by Macomber, Bliss to You Trixie by Koontz and Christmas is Good: Trixie Treats and Holiday Wisdom by Koontz. The books are ready for check-out at the CV Library.

We meet in the Library meeting room at High Noon on the second Tuesday of the Month. You are welcome to bring a sack lunch and Friends of the Library will have the coffee pot on and the tea brewing. Each Tuesday you may pick up the book for the next month. We are stretching our selves in 2009 by trying several types of literature…non-fiction to fantasy. The best thing about our group is we do not always agree and have great fun disagreeing.

ALSO, if you register for a library card or update your library card we will give you two tickets for the Buy Collinsville, Shop Collinsville Drawing on December 13 at 5:00pm on the Centennial Plaza.

See you at your library!

2 Massive Projects In Progress: Senior Pages & Individual Photo CDs
With the small gap between fall sports and winter sports,
I am trying to finalize my plans for building a senior page for each 2009 CHS graduate. As part of that massive effort (that has actually been in progress for years as I have photographed those active in sports and activities) I will soon begin my annual search through my photo archives.
A fallout of that search is collecting individual photos (for CDs) for requested students. Having done the seniors' pages since 2004 I am always amazed at the number of students and parents that seem unaware of the annual process so will try to provide more detail in the next few weeks. I am also considering a meeting with each individual senior prior to releasing the pages online May 1st. No activity consumes more of my time each year than these two efforts.. -- Ted Wright -- Nov. 20, 2008
The senior pages are free to the students as long as I get enough advertisers it is always useful to me to have my viewers [an average of 1400 visitors per day so far this November] to let the Collinsville advertisers know that you see their ads on and appreciate their support. See prices (below) for individual CDs. -- Ted
Previous Senior Pages:
Individual CDs are not just for seniors ...
Individual Photo CDs (Tentatively) Requested So Far in the order received ... (11/20/2008) ... the final deadline before I start the search will likely be Dec. 22. The majority of requestors so far have been moms and grandmas but students may request their own.
Lane Coulter
David Prock
Tara Inbody
Kaitlyn Wallis
Emily Harker
Jenifer Lutz
Kelsi West
Larissa & Channing Newland
Bayli Schultheiss
Chelli Phillips
Bryce Fulton
Dalton Rasmussen
Cameron Storm
Amanda Davis
Joe Keith
Kristie Moore
Stephanie Fulton
(Trey Blissit) 11/21 addition
(Ryan & Paige Turner) 11/25 addition
(Dalton Salisbury) 12/1 addition

I still have two CDs from last year that were never picked up or paid for so will be more strict on collecting $20 deposits this year before beginning the search.

The basic price for individual photo CDs is $40 for all photos from 2008-09 sports and other activities. The cost for previous years is $10 per year with a full priced 2008. I may adjust the price a bit for students in fewer activities (like interior lineman who have fewer football photos for example). The photos are full-sized and un-edited (i.e. some football & gym game photos may be very dark but can be corrected with a photo editor). Some students will end up with hundreds of photos on their CD and there is no way to correct all but I will offer a few selected image edits after you have reviewed the CD. An early version of CDs will likely be available in February (for $5 extra) but the final version of CDs (at least for seniors) are not completed until a few days after graduation night.

Again, I only do this complete (2003-2008) archive search one time each year so if you miss the deadline you have to wait another year. When requesting photo CDs it can really help me if you provide a list of activities and uniform numbers or band instruments, etc. for each year requested. If you have multiple kids there is no additional charge but I'll need additional names & numbers & grades, etc. -- Ted Wright

Email: to make CD requests, ask questions in general, or provide submitted photos for 2009 senior pages.

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