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Collinsville Chamber of Commerce
Nov. 6, 2008
Tulsa County Commissioner
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Tulsa County Commissioner John Smaligo Provided County Update
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$40 million dollars of Tulsa Fairground improvements squeezed between ice storm recovery (starting in Dec. 2007) to the State Fair (in Sept. 2008) created numerous challenges for the Tulsa County commissioners and county workers. Throw in Oklahoma's wettest June ever and the accomplishment is even more impressive. That focused effort for the county's fairground has delayed the completion of Collinsville's Broadway roadway (east of the new bridge) connection to the Old Hwy 169 road (passing in front of Kent's Custom Cars & Trucks). Commissioner Smaligo estimated work on that portion of Broadway would begin in about 30 days and would take another 30 days of good weather to complete.

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Commissioner John Smaligo

The other Collinsville project requiring county engineering and work is the realignment of the S-Curve (where Broadway, 19th & Main St. merge on the west side of town). Clearing of the right-of-way began back in Jan. 2008. The county's preliminary design is almost ready for ODOT and city review. The original funding for the project stops at 22nd Street but the city/county/state joint effort is working to extend that to beyond the high school if additional funding can be secured. Construction for original plan could begin in about a year but the extended plan might delay that start.

Tuksa County has also helped (along with the Cherokee Nation) in asphalt work for parking at the new Victory Cherokee Organization's new community center.

The county is also studying some repair work underneath some of the local ancient 1-lane bridges in rural areas.

Fielding questions from the local Chamber, Commissioner Smaligo indicated the City of Tulsa annexation of the fairground was not welcomed by the county but could not be stopped. An additional 3% city tax will soon be added to any fairground purchases. Smaligo also indicated he had just recently learned of an approximate $12,000 monthly payment for sewage service that the county did not have before the annexation.

The commissioner also agreed with Mayor Sallee that Tulsa's new road improvement plan would likely make county extension of tax programs (like 4-to-fix the county) more difficult to approve as Tulsa had already raised their taxes for Tulsa use only.

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