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May 17, 2008
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ECC & Herald Kids Honored / Congressman Sullivan Report / Patchwork Quilters

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May 13, 2008 -- From Congressman John Sullivan

Keeping America safe

On February 16, 2008, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) expired, stripping our nation’s intelligence community of the vital tools they need to keep the American people safe. Every day our national security is put at risk because a long term extension of FISA has not been passed by Congress. My colleagues in the Senate have put partisan politics aside and acted in our nation’s best interest by passing a bipartisan long term FISA extension. Unfortunately, leadership in the House has failed to take action on this important legislation. With that in mind, I recently signed a discharge petition to immediately bring H.R. 5440 to the House floor for a vote. This legislation is identical to the Senate passed long term extension, which would modernize FISA by closing unintended loopholes in our intelligence laws and providing our law enforcement community with 21st century tools to meet and defeat 21st century terrorism. I will continue to work to ensure that our government takes a responsible and balanced approach to fighting terrorism that respects personal privacy and gives the law enforcement community the tools they need to protect the American people.

Preserving the sanctity of life

Recently, I participated in an Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health hearing addressing stem cell research. I heard testimony from patients who had been successfully treated with adult stem cells for conditions such as heart failure and cancer. Each day, adult, pluripotent, amniotic and cord blood stem cells are demonstrating the same flexibility for treatment as embryonic stem cells, with greater success rates and without the destruction of human embryos. These cells have been used successfully in human clinical trials to treat over 70 diseases in human patients, including spinal cord injuries, diabetes, and heart disease.

The science behind embryonic stem cell research is inconclusive. There is little evidence to show that embryonic stem cells can be used successfully in medical treatment. I believe by focusing our scientific research efforts on non-embryonic stem cell research, we can begin to find cures for those suffering from devastating diseases.

If you wish to contact Congressman Sullivan regarding a specific issue, please visit his contact web page at
"Patriotism" Essay Winners (Again ... With Photos Added)

The following students were winners of an essay contest on "Patriotism" held at Herald Elementary. The contest is sponsored by the "HOME REPRESENTATIVE CLUB" of Collinsville.

3rd grade
1st place- Lyndee Branen
2nd place- Chance Rae
3rd place- Sami Harp
4th grade
1st place- Melissa Torbett
2nd place- Nealie Durham
3rd place- Alex Russell
5th grade
1st place- Emma Tyler
2nd place- Olivia Dehart
3rd place- Sawyer Salisbury
Submitted by Cheryl Hunt & Linda Pfeffer (5/13/2008). The names ran May 8th without photos. -- Ted 5/17/2008
Previous Coverage:
Chris Pierce showcasing a quilt she created, using Fan blocks made by a gentleman quilter.
The Collinsville Patchworkers met May 13 at the Library, with several Show and Tell quilts to share. New member Hazel Gast was welcomed, and Janet Martin gave a program on the Waltzing Butterflies block and "nickel quilts." Preparations were discussed for the upcoming Trunk Show featuring Lena Pippin of Oklahoma City, May 31, 2008 at 1:00 PM in the Library community room. Officers for the new year were re-elected as follows: President - Rosie Vaught, Vice President - Janet Martin, Secretary - Frances Ashinhurst, and Journalist - Linda Pfeffer.
Submitted by Linda Pfeffer (5/14/2008)
ECC Character Kids
These are the winners for Integrity on April 11th:
Adam Roberts, Chris Rausch, Katelyn Kidney, Aiden Calloway, Riley Hedges, Cole Roberts, Jacy Rule and Gabrielle Tognazzini.
-- (Submitted by Carol Ann Sallee 4/15/2008)
Cardinal Names for Dedication Award on April 18th:
Dalton Gramblin, Nate Thompson, Tristan Pearson, Gage Tacker, Garrett Casey, Emma Schnell and Aiden Calloway
We're so proud of these dedicated cardinals!
-- (Submitted by Diertra Harris 4/15/2008)