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Collinsville, Oklahoma
March 25, 2008
Channel 2 Weather Show
& Collinsville Promotion
Thank You To KJRH TV Channel 2
For Their Investment Of Time & Resources In Collinsville This Week
Plus Important Severe Weather Information

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Channel 2 and the Indian Nations Council of Boy Scouts planted a new tree at the Collinsville Library Tuesday March 25th.
Channel 2 News Meteorologist Julie Chin demonstrated some electrical principals and how they relate to lightning.
Meteorologist George Flickinger arrived at Doug's Grill in time for a Collinsville lunch Tuesday after a bike ride from the Channel 2 Studios in Tulsa ("via the back roads").
The kids beat the adults in a weather question contest during the Weather Show in the Collinsville High School gym.
Channel 2 News Meteorologist Dan Threlkeld presented valuable weather information to the students at the Collinsville schools during the day Tuesday, before the evening weather show.
Middle School Students
Students at the Early Childhood Center (above). Sorry I didn't get a photo at Wilson Elementary. -- Ted
This horse and rider had just left Doug's Grill (at 9th & Main) as I was arriving Tuesday for the Collinsville Chamber of Commerce's lunch with the Channel 2 folks.
These were not on the menu at Doug's but were vegetable and fruit characters created by the kids at the Early Childhood Center (ECC).
A few of the folks dining at Doug's Grill Tueday.
Channel 2 News Anchor Russ McCaskey (left) and Dan Threlkeld took a quick turn flipping burgers and fries at Doug's grill Tuesday.
Mayor Stan Sallee gave Channel 2 a tour of the Collinsville City Hall.
The Collinsville tour included a close up look at the construction in progress along 2 blocks of Historic Downtown Main Street.
Brad Francis, Dennis Meister, Dan Threlkeld, George Flickinger, Stan Sallee and Russ McCaskey at the Newspaper Museum In Collinsville. They got to see a bit of Collinsville and newspaper history there at 1110 W. Main.
The Channel 2 crew walked across the street from the museum to visit Dr. Hereford's Dental Safari. They later visited the Ward-Wiseman Animal Haven before heading to Wilson Elementary.
Channel 2 broadcast the weather live from the parking lot at CHS during the 5pm & 6pm news programs March 25th.
The big weather show in the Collinsville High School gynasium started at 7pm in front of a good crowd with free rain guages for the early arrivers.
George Flickinger entered the show on his bike.
CHS Principal Cory Slagle spoke briefly on the 5pm live broadcast.
KJRH brought about 35 employees to Collinsville to put on the Weather Show.
Autograph signing after the show.

Channel 2 and the Indian Nations Council of Boy Scouts previewed their upcoming program for the "Regreening of Green Country" by planting a new tree at the Collinsville Library Tuesday. The official program kicks off April 5th with an $8000 grant from KJRH.

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Thank you to KJRH for the chance to speak briefly about the Newspaper Museum In Collinsville and this web site on the 5pm live broadcast. -- Ted Wright