Collinsville, Oklahoma
March 20, 2008 (online March 28th)
CDI Facade Grant Awarded
Transom Glass Restored For Building
At 115 S. 11th
Partial Cost Reimbursed By Collinsville Downtown Inc. Facade Grant
More Work Accomplished & Anticipated

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Mr. Tyrell and his son sell sheet metal parts for classic cars from the building. Renovations continue and Art indicated he may rent out portions of the historic two story building eventually. (The phone numbers are: 697-5800, 697-1836 & 371-5925)
The building has many different businesses in the past. The Davis family and the One Way Church were the most recent previous occupants. They painted the exterior in 2001. Mr Tryell plans to repaint back to a red brick color soon.
In the mid-1950, when the building was occupied by Liggett Ford, the building was painted white.
Noting that research of historic buildings in Collinsville is an imprecise art, it is my best guess that the Wonderland Theatre was one of the occupants of the same building in it's earliest years. --Ted
I assume these motion pictures were a recreation as there were obviously no movie cameras recording the Dalton gang's Coffeyville double bank raid in 1892.
In addition to motion pictures the Wonderland Theatre also hosted live vaudeville acts.
Art Tyrell (building owner) received a $2000 facade grant check from Mary Risley (left) and Maureen Wright (right) of Collinsville Downtown, Inc. March 20, 2008. The check is the maximum matching amount to reimburse $4260 spent to restore the transom glass at 115 S. 11th (across the street from the Collinsville Post Office).
This is a sample of the special prisim glass panes installed in alternating section of the transom windows (visible in the photo below under the metal awning which will be removed). Many of the panes had been boarded up before the renovation started.