Collinsville, Oklahoma
July 24, 2008
DEQ Smelter Cleanup Plans
Collinsville Smelters Operated Here From 1911 to Mid-1920s
1994 DEQ Inspection Confirmed Problem
EPA Superfund Site Since 1999

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About 9 years after one of Collinsville's former smelter sites was placed on the EPA "superfund" cleanup list the process has inched past another milestone with the announcement in July 2008 of the potential actions to be taken later. The potential actions range from "doing nothing" to "totally removing" hazardous material (containing unacceptable levels of arsenic, cadmium and lead). The DEQ recommended actions (see chart at right) would cost an estimated $6.8 million and involves consolidation and capping of the offending material on the site of the former smelter. Additional material has been located beyond the boundaries of the former "Tulsa Fuel and Manufacturing" plant.

Some of the offsite material is on public right of ways or easements while some has been identified on private property. A list of off-site properties was not provided. An 7/24/2008 inspection of the material available for public review (at the Collinsville) showed no material dated after 2007. More offsite testing is apparently planned.

Public comment on the proposed remediation actions is due to the DEQ by the end of July 2008.

The DEQ's preferred remedial action for On-site soil and waste material is "consolidtion and cap" over a 20 week period at an estimated $5.3 million. Another listed alternative (to stabilize and off-site disposal at a RCRA-permitted facility) would cost about $31.8 million.

The proposed plan was presented at this July 2008 public meeting. The record of decision (on the action alternatives) will likely occur near the end of the year.
There were about 25 total people in the City Hall meeting room including about 5 DEQ/EPA personnel.

The DEQ's preferred remedial action for On-site sediment and surface water is draining and stabalization and on-site disposal over a 30 week period at an estimated $1.2 million.

The DEQ's preferred remedial action for Off-site soil, sediments and waste is evacuation, stabalization (and removal to smelter site if necessary) over a 12 week period at an estimated $333K cost.