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July 31, 2008
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Breast Cancer Awarenesss Event /
You Can Help Save The Fair

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Collinsville High School
E.O.I. Trends
2004 to 2008
Subject 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008
English II 53% 67% 77% 76% 75%
Algebra I 21% 28% 47% 70% 73%
Biology I 42% 66% 69% 56% 77%
U.S. History 65% 66% 74% 64% 72%
Congratulations and thank you to the students and teachers for giving outstanding effort and performing at very high levels!
Notice that in 2004 only one score, U.S. History, was above the 60 percentile. In 2008, all four subjects are now in the 70 percentile. This is an excellent trend showing the results of all of the hard work and dedication of the teachers and students. I want to also thank the Community of Collinsville for passing our bond issues as this gives our students the facilities and equipment needed to continue performing at the highest level.

Cory A. Slagle (7/28/2008)
Collinsville High School

Breast Cancer Awareness
Croppinsville and Collinsville Downtown Inc. Partner To Build Breast Cancer Awareness
Dates: September 26 - 28

1106 West Main Street
Collinsville, OK 74021

Think Pink…
We are creative. We can make a difference.
Croppinsville, a Stamping and Scrapbooking store in Collinsville, will host a series of creative events to benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation, an organization dedicated to eradicating breast cancer as a life-threatening disease. The Main Street Program, Collinsville Downtown Inc will contribute by rounding up volunteers and helping with the silent auction donations, sponsors, and participants. Please call 918-371-0071 or 918-3715530 for more information.
Scrapbooking, Stamping and Cardmaking Classes and Make and Takes
Weekend Super Crop and Sidewalk Sale
Silent Auction
Refreshments and Fun!

Maureen Wright (7/31/2008)
Program Director
Collinsville Downtown Inc.
PO Box 91
Collinsville, OK. 74021
Why Is Collinsville Fair Scaled Back?
To the Editor:

I am the secretary for the Collinsville Tri-County Fair Board. Recently I received an email from a Collinsville resident inquiring as to why there is very little offered at the fair that is of interest to anyone other than farmers and rancher. I would like to share my response to this email with your readers.

My response is as follows:

There are many people like yourself, who are probably wondering why in the
past several years that the Collinsville fair of the past has been slowly
disappearing. I can say that it is due in part to a huge lack of interest on
the part of the public, vendors and potential volunteers.

We have tried many different things in the past years to maintain the charm
and character of our little fair. It's very discouraging though when we as
unpaid volunteers put in countless hours through the year and then on fair
days maybe 100 people from the public who are not associated with the
livestock part of the fair come to see what we have. The fair runs for 4
days, that's an average of 25 people a day, when you are a volunteer or
vendor, you end up with lots of free time to say to yourself "I'm here for
this?" Some examples of a lack of participation: The Little Mr. And Miss
Collinsville, in the past there were 30 or more children involved, last year
there were 3, The Children's Dog Show, 2 years ago there were 28 children
who participated last year there were 11, the indoor 4-H exhibits, when I
first volunteered 6 years ago there were over 100 exhibitors, 4 years later
we had 22.

You may be asking yourself now about how we let people know about our fair,
we post it on the website that you obviously found, we put it in the Tulsa
World, we put it in the local papers, we post it on the news calendars
offered by the tv stations, we have had a person from a local station do her
reporting from our fair, and last year we even sent a note home with some of
the elementary children announcing that they could decorate and ride their
bikes in the parade that Saturday, not a single child showed up. People
haven't been interested in attending, unless they are showing livestock.

If you are not interested in the large animals, support what we do have that
isn't associated with the large animals. Please come see the indoor 4-H
exhibits, come to our Children's Dog show and Pet fair Thursday night, come
to the Children's pedal tractor pull Saturday night. If this isn't enough
come to our fair board meetings and become a volunteer and help make it what
you and we as fair board members want it to be!

It's not too late for you AND your children to participate in this years
fair instead of just being spectators, you can volunteer in numerous areas,
your children if they are over the age of 5 can show their dogs or pets at
the dog show, if you don't have pets I can set you up with one for the
night, you can enroll your children in the local 4-H Club and they can do
some quick drawings or make beaded key chains and enter them in the fair,
younger children can enter the peddle tractor pull. Participation in what we
have at the fair will encourage growth and we as a community need to
participate, it's the only way to save our fair.

Deb Lutz, Fair Board Secretary (July 2008)

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