Collinsville, Oklahoma
July 19, 2008
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Million Pounds Going Up /
Hot Air Balloon Coming Down /
Animal Haven Funding Is Month-to-Month /
Sunday Family Thank-Yous

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Join "100 Club" To Assist WWAH
June 24, 2008

Dear Friends,

Ward-Wiseman Animal Haven needs your help. We are operating month to month on a hope and a prayer. I am asking you to join our 100 Club. You will be one of a hundred people who will send $100 to help us by providing the seed money for an operating budget.

As it is now we operate day to day and fund raiser to fund raiser to make our expenses. Our adoption fee is $125.00 and our owner surrender fee is $25.00. Our operating expenses are food, medical supplies, surgical care, building maintenance and part time help. The City of Collinsville pays all of our utilities and provided the land for our building.

All animals are treated at WWAH upon arrival to prevent disease and prepare the pets for adoption. Eastside Vet Hospital performs spay and neuters and give the rabies shots to our animals at a reduced fee. They also treat and diagnose our pets when we do not know what is wrong with them. Many times they cover procedure cost for us. I am telling you this to let you know we are careful with our funds.

We purchase our supplies at reduced rates because I do not purchase without asking how they can help us with the expense and we have our tax exempt number. Supplies consist of pet food, all types of cleaning supplies, cat litter, and office supplies

When we opened all help was volunteer help. But I cannot ask people to come every day and clean pens without compensation. It is not an easy job and sometimes not very pleasant. We were not as consistent as we could be with many people doing the same job. Inconsistency gave disease a foothold in the kennels. Now, one comment we hear daily is how clean we are and that we do not smell like a kennel….music to our ears.

The first month we were open we were on the phone on in the exam room at Eastside Vet on a daily basis. My hopes for us were at a real low because I was wondering if we could really do this. But with help from Eastside, researching all types of information on shelter management, and the dedication of all involved at WWAH we became lots smarter and have conquered many of our challenges.

My main role is fund raising so we can continue. Right now our bank account is right at $1,000 which will get us through the end of June for supplies and paid staff. We have a running balance at Eastside. I took out a personal loan in January to finish the shelter and to give us our first operating budget. We have fund raisers almost every other month and friends just send money when they can. We need to be more secure than this plan offers.

I will continue our fund raisers but we need a healthy balance in the bank account so we can work from a budget and plan for the future.

I am asking your help in building that healthy bank account. I am sending this letter to every one who has had any connection to WWAH, to all businesses in the area and forgive me, but to all my friends and relatives. I am asking you to do the same thing. Just think how great it would be if a 1000 people became members of WWAH 100 Club!

If you want to become a distinguished member of the $100 Club please respond as soon as possible. All donations are tax deductible and can be sent to FOCAS, P.O. Box 795, Collinsville Oklahoma 74021. We are applying to change our 501 c 3 name to Ward- Wiseman Animal Haven, Inc. In 2002 we stated this process under Friends of Collinsville Animal Shelter (FOCAS).
Until that change is approved checks should be made to FOCAS.

Because we are a no frills organization I am using email to save postage, US Mail when we do not have an email address and I will only be sending a heartfelt thank you … I love doodads but none to send this time.

This letter is long because I wanted you to have the whole picture since I am asking for your help. If you want to become involved as a volunteer, an officer, or a board member please let me know.
We are a 501 c 3 non profit organization.
President: Lynn Spahr Vice President: Linda Carnes
Secretary: Sherry Prather Treasurer: Dee Fildes
CPA: Anne Stribling Founder/Fundraiser: Susan Babbitt
Volunteer Coordinators: Mary Guilfoyle and Mary Francis
Board of Directors: To be announced

I can't wait to be a member of the no frills WWAH 100 Club!




Phone: _____________________
Email: ____________________________
I would like to become involved please contact me_______
Find enclosed my donation of:
MORE $____________ because at this time I can.
You may pay on line at through Paypal.
I appreciate your consideration of my request. If not now…maybe later.

Susan and all of us …pets and people… at WWAH.

Submitted by Susan Babbitt 7/19/2008
This group of lifters and helpers were the ones still at the Rock Gym when I arrived (late) Saturday July 19th. Fifteen lifters had combined to lift 1,000,000 pounds in 1 hour and 15 minutes. This effort was to help raise money to help the Mackinzie Sunday family with medical expenses. A silent auction, concessions and other activities also helped raise funds Saturday for the family at the Rock Gym. -- Ted
If I hadn't been up early with garage sale duty, I likely would have missed a hot air balloon landing within a 1/2 block of my house Saturday around 8am July 19th. -- Ted
The balloon landed in a portion of the middle school parking lot at 14th and Spring where the pickup crew for the balloon service retrieved the passengers and balloon. (Skyway Balloons, Inc. 918-850-2359)
These are just a few of items at the Rock Gym's silent auction trying to raise funds July 19th for the Mackenzie Sunday family.
Fourteen year old Mackinzie Sunday lost her battle with cancer July 8th, 2008.
Collinsvillle Drop In
Thank You Collinsville (From the family of Mackenzie Sunday) --
We don't have the words to describe how our hearts have been touched by the out pouring of your generosity during this very sad time of our lives. You have helped us tremendously by the prayers, hugs, donations and benefits.
We would especially like to thank the wonderful people that made the benefit at the park so successful. They worked hard on this for weeks: Ronnie & Cheryl Sink, Curtis & Debbie Kite, Scott & Donita Lowe, Marilyn Hardacre, Robyn Bell, Susie Vaughn, all the Herald Elem. teachers and staff.
Also thanks to the following businesses: David Rabbitt (Sonic), Bob Cottingim (Code Red Underground), Cribbetts, Millers, Croppinsville, Too Blonde Salon, Piggly Wiggly, Doug's Grill, Play To Win (Claremore), Scoreboard Sports (Owasso).
And thanks to: Collinsville Girls Softball Organization, Jack Young, Nancy Wood and Bryan Jackson.
We are very thankful Mackenzie was at the benefit and saw this town pull together as one and help a family in need. -- The Sunday Families (7/16/2008)
I'll try to add lifter names later. -- Ted -- midnight Saturday