Collinsville, Oklahoma
July 11, 2008
Miscellaneous News

VFW Holiday Flags /
1 Less Stoplight Downtown /
CDI Office Restoration

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This is my 3-for-1 photo for this page as it shows:
1) The stoplight at 12th & Main still in use
2) A VFW Holiday Flag
3) Work In Progress on the former City Annex
Support The VFW
I would just like to thank You and all the other Merchants of Collinsville that support the V. F. W. Flag route, Without your support we would have to close the doors.


Dean Swim
Member of the V. F. W.
Stoplight Removed At 12th & Main
The stoplight at 12th & Main was removed today with a stop sign left for the only half of 12th still open. -- Ted 1:50pm July 10 (Please be careful turning left from 12th with stacks of compost bags blocking the view of Main)
Ted Note: ODOT constantly pushes the city to eliminate all the downtown stoplights on Highway 20 (based on traffic counts ... ignoring pedestrian safety?) and the city has apparently given in on 12th & Main as the city's plaza has reduced it to a 3 way intersection. The stoplight at 12th and Main had been in place since 1956.
I'll leave this to your imagination for a day or so to try and figure out what these are. -- Ted (7/10/2008)
Downtown Inc. Office Restoration
Tharyn Nachtigall, Brad Francis, Trent Rogers, Tim Desmond and Preston Haley spent the better portion the 4th of July holiday weekend installing the new framework for the windows and door for the future Collinsville Downtown, Inc. (Main Street Organization) office at 12th & Main.