Collinsville, Oklahoma
July 1, 2008
Miscellaneous News

Field Turf Installation Begun
Ice Storm Limb Left Overs
Downtown Lamp Posts
Glass Recycling Opportunity

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I'm going to use the same photo for two different topics.
First: a reminder to city employees and Chamber of Commerce members that the "City Worker Appreciation" picnic will be held Thursday noon at the City Park.
Second: A question from a resident (below) wondering what would become of all the (ice storm) limbs remaining in town even with the "official" city limb removal "completed" and the dump site closed. Notice there were still two significant sized limbs on the park pavillion this Saturday. -- Ted Wright (& I still have plenty of damaged limbs waiting to fall in my own back yard). (Previous Coverage)
Ted, When you get time will you take a look at the brush in the alley between 12th & and Plum & Prairie? Also the brush apparently left behind by electric crews in the alley behind 608 S 10th? City Hall told me 6/26 that they were not picking up the brush after all (no place to put it due to DEQ shutting them down) but the citizens are now responsible (where are they supposed to put it)? Thanks, Rick Clark. (6/27/2008)
The turf installation has begun at Sallee Field. The red material above is from the end zone flipped over (temporarily) onto the first 10 yards of the green material. The sand and rubber filler material will be added later after sections are sewn together.
Many bags with turf material await their turn to be placed and sewn in to form the colorfull playing surface for multiple Collinsville sports and band activity uses. (Previous Coverage) -- (Filler Material)
Downtown Lamp Posts
With one of the new lamp posts unwrapped it is easier now to see that they are solid black.
Likely two (or three) of the final old posts were removed downtown today as the two block length of Main Street streetscape project (phase one) will be remain dark at night for awhile longer before the new poles are ready in all locations. (Previous Coverage)
Bartlesville Glass Recycled In Collinsville
I just wanted to tell you to disregard my last e-mail (below). Right after I e-mailed you, I found the listing for the M.E.T. recycling center in Collinsville. In fact, my husband and I dropped off our glass to be recycled there last night. We are glad there is somewhere reasonably close that we can take glass for recycling, since our own recycling center in Bartlesville has stopped taking glass. We've been frustrated for a long time about that decision, but now we have an alternative.

Thanks, Linda Maloney

Does Collinsville have a recycling center that takes glass? I live in Bartlesville and am looking for a place that will take glass to recycle.

Thanks, Linda Maloney (6/29/2008)