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Collinsville, Oklahoma
April 19, 2008
Miscellaneous News
Brush Cleanup /
S-Curve House Removal /
More Asphalt On East Main By New Bridge / JrHi Track Results /
Baseball Garage Sale

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Tulsa County crews were in Collinsville today picking up massive stacks of downed trees and limbs left from the December 2007 ice storm. This was near 13th & South Saturday morning.
I haven't been back to check for sure, but expect these huge piles of ice storm debris were gone by the end of Saturday April 19, 2008. Again, this was south 13th Street. I'm not sure yet how much of Collinsville was cleared today by this assist from the County. -- Ted 5:15pm (Previous Coverage)
More Gateway Asphalt
Crews applied multiple lanes of asphalt between 5th & Main and the new Main Street bridge Saturday April 19th. There is still plenty of work remaining before the roadway is ready for traffic over the bridge, but access to the nearby businesses should be improved soon.
The new asphalt Saturday went directly to the west side of the new bridge.
This view is from the new bridge looking west towards 5th & Main and downtown beyond that. (Previous Coverage)
Another S-Curve house was being prepared for removal Friday. This one off Main Street between 18th & 19th.
(Previous Coverage)
The CHS Baseball team had a garage sale Saturday morning to help with playoff travel expenses.
JrHi Track Results From Dewey Meet 4-17-2008
From Coach Kelly Anderson

7th Grade Boys - Meet Champions with 139 points

400m dash - Jake Barton - 3rd

800m run - Braxton Ridgeway - 3rd

1600m run - Braxton Ridgeway - 2nd
Daviv Stellfox - 6th

110m hurdles - Derek Iannapollo - 3rd

300m hurdles - Trett Charles - 1st
Derek Iannapollo - 3rd
Carter Rasmussen - 5th

Long Jump - Kendal Curtis - 1st

High Jump - Kendal Curtis - 3rd
Derek Iannapollo - 4th
Tyler Dixon - 5th

Pole Vault - Jake Barton - 1st
Hunter West - 4th

Shot - John Hallmark - 4th
Nate Johnson - 5th

Disc - Nate Johnson - 3rd

400m relay - Jake Barton
Kendal Curtis
Darin Turner
Luke McKnight - 2nd

1600m relay - Darin Turner
Luke McKnight
Jake Barton
Braxton Ridgeway - 3rd

3200m relay - Braxton Ridgeway
Darin Turner
Trett Charles

Derek Iannapollo - 3rd

8th Grade Boys - 5th Overall in the meet

400m dash - Skyler Smith - 3rd
Isaac Dyer - 5th

800m run - Isaac Dyer - 1st
Zach Ussery - 6th

1600m run - Zach Ussery - 5th

300m Hurdles - Michael Anderson - 4th

Shot - Max Kolosha - 2nd
John Cade - 3rd
Cody Compton - 5th

400m Relay - Shane Goosen
Michael Anderson
Skyler Smith
James Norris - 4th

1600m relay - Skyler Smith
Isaac Dyer
Michael Anderson
Kyle Barnes - 3rd

3200m relay - Isaac Dyer
Skyler Smith
Zach Ussery
Kyle Barnes - 5th

7th Grade Girls - Meet Champions with 154 points

400m relay - Madyson Hoffman
Hailey Kirby
Paige Prather
Cassie Overholt - 3rd

800m relay - Samantha Smith
Shelbi Kirby
Hailey Kirby

Elizabeth Blissit - 2nd

1600m relay - Shannon Driggers
Samantha Smith
Elizabeth Blissit

Shelbi Kirby - 1st

3200m relay - Shannon Driggers
Samantha Smith
Elizabeth Blissit
Shelbi Kirby --- 1st

200m dash - Hailey Kirby - 6th

400m dash - Samantha Smith - 3rd

800m run - Shannon Driggers - 2nd

1600m run - Abby Atkinson - 6th
100m hurdles - Michelle Linville - 4th
Victoria Jackson - 5th

300m hurdles - Casey Dickinson - 5th
Long Jump - Hailey Kirby - 2nd
Kyrston Wheeler - 3rd

High Jump - Kyrston Wheeler - 1st
Shannon Driggers - 3rd
Casy Dickinson - 4th

Shot - Misty Royall - 2nd
Tiffany Isam - 4th
Paige Wilson - 6th

Pole Vault - Victoria Jackson - 3rd
Rachel Mayes - 4th
Chelsea Summers - 5th

8th Grade girls - Finished 3rd in the meet

100m dash - Tia Reed - 1st
200m dash - Tia Reed - 4th

800m run - Coree Lenhart - 2nd
Ashley Koopmans - 3rd

1600m run - Coree Lenhart - 2nd
Stacye Wilson - 5th

High Jump - Ashley Koopmans - 4th

Long Jump - Tia Reed - 4th

Disc - Alyssa Wilson - 2nd
Laura Cooper - 5th

400m relay - Hailey Ganzel
Tia Reed
Erica Ashley
Jessica Cornelius - 6th

800m relay - Hailey Ganzel
Sara House
Erica Ashley
Jessica Cornelius - 6th

1600m relay - Ashley Koopmans
Hailey Ganzel
Sara House
Jessica Cornelius - 3rd

3200m relay - Ashley Koopmans
Coree Lenhart
Hailey Ganzel
Stacye Wilson - 2nd