Collinsville, Oklahoma
April 17, 2008
Main Street Progress
Significant Events Thursday Before Rain
Stalled Late Afternoon Work

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Initial Asphalt On "New" East Main Street
Many truckloads of asphalt had already been unloaded to form the base for the new 4 lanes of Main Street between Eastside Veterinary and near the east side of the new bridge before this photo about 1:30pm Thursday. The asphalt was being applied on the 2 south lanes (which will eventually be the eastbound lanes).
Today's asphalt still did not reach the unfinished bridge which still has a significant (~1ft) step up from the current "ground" level.
Initial Concrete On "New" Downtown Sidewalks
Crews started pouring the first sidewalk concrete for the section spanning the closed 12th Street at the Plaza by City Hall Thursday about 1:30pm.
The initial pour reached all the way from City Hall to mid-way of the City Annex Building. The rest of the block was not ready for today's initial pour.
The partial sidewalk section soon had to be covered with tarps (billowing in the wind above as they were spread out) as a heavy rain started about 3:15pm Thursday.
East Gateway & Downtown Streetstcape