Collinsville, Oklahoma
May 14-16, 2007
Miscellaneous News
"West Collinsville" /
Tulsa Arena /
Naomi Nelson Visit /
5th & Broadway Closing
Aerial Photos By Ted Wright
I had an opportunity for a birds eye view of the new Collinsville housing additions near Highway 75 off Highway 20 (146th St. North) on a flight back to Tulsa from Dallas (via Florida) Monday May 14th.
A wider view of the same "West Collinsville" location as above.
Some of Collinsville's Vision 2025 tax money is going towards construction of the new BOK Arena in Downtown Tulsa.
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While waiting for my (delayed) flight from Dallas to Tulsa Monday I saw a familiar face waiting for the same flight. Naomi Nelson (CHS 2005) was returning from the west coast to attend her sister's May 15th graduation (Rachel Nelson CHS 2007). Naomi is currently on tour with a musical ministry group: Youth Encounter's "Captive Free" national team. (
5th and Broadway in Collinsville: Work is commencing on the Broadway Bridge Project. The intersection at 5th and Broadway will also be getting improvements. Please be aware of signage and follow the directional instructions, please use Main Street as much as possible, and please be patient as the construction should only take about a week. -- From City Manager Pam Polk (~Noon Monday 5/14/2007)
Check back next week for more complete coverage of my travels as I have one more graduation to attend. -- Ted Wright -- May 17 -- 12:15am