Collinsville, Oklahoma
July 3, 2007
Caney River Still Rising
(Crested ~5am July 5th at 34.11 Feet)
Some Low Lying Rural Collinsville Homes Threatened
Bartlesville Already Flooded
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David W. Jones (if the mail box name is accurate north of 166th St. North on 137th East Ave) has already had to resort to a boat to get in and out of his driveway with portions of 137th under the rising Caney River overflow Tuesday July 3rd. (See July 5th comparison photo below)
Just north of Collinsville, a long section of 176th St. North is under water just west of the Caney River (& east of 129th E. Ave). About 2pm Tuesday July 3rd, 2007 Kevin Hadley (red shirt) and Tommy Switzer were switching from their pickup to a boat to check on oil wells in the area. They said they had already checked several with compressors and motors under water and were shutting off power to keep anyone from getting shocked. The other (dry) end of 176th St. North is in the back ground nearest the river just before it turns to the north.
Neither 176th St. N. or 137th E. Ave. (in the photos above) are through streets and are clearly marked for the high water conditions.
The neighbor across the street (from Mr. Jones above) on 137th E. Ave. still had a dry driveway but was apparently loading a U-Haul in anticipation of even more rise in the nearby Caney River with a crest expected by Thursday
(July 5th.)
This shed in a backyard near 166th St. N. and 137th E. Ave. was already partially flooded Tuesday around 2pm. I didn't see water at or in any of the homes in my small sampling Tuesday afternoon but a few more feet of water could cause some serious impact. -- Ted Wright
The Caney River viewed from the bridge on 166th St. North (on Old Highway 169).
Just a mile from town (at 156th St. N on 5th St (129th E. Ave) there was water in this field not far from the new animal shelter (and north of Darling International).
Caney River (unconfirmed raw data from Corp. of Engineers sites) Flood Stage is 26ft
34.02ft 9am 7/5/2007
34.11ft 5am 7/5/2007 Thurs
33.76ft 11am 7/4/2007 Wed
31.75ft 2pm 7/3/2007
31.47ft 9am 7/3/2007 Tues
30.80ft 11pm 7/2/2007
29.78ft 10am 7/2/2007 Mon
28.49ft 8pm 7/1/2007
27.70ft 10am 7/1/2007 Sun
26.69ft 9pm 6/30/2007
25.85ft 11am 6/30/2007 Sat
Verdigris River (unconfirmed raw data from Corp. of Engineers sites) Flood Stage is 35ft
36.31ft 9am 7/5/2007 Thurs
32.90ft 11am 7/4/2007 Wed
30.45ft 2pm 7/3/2007
29.82ft 9am 7/3/2007 Tues
28.40ft 11pm 7/2/2007
25.38ft 10am 7/2/2007 Mon
18.00ft 8pm 7/1/2007
15.05ft 10am 7/1/2007 Sun
14.65ft 10pm 6/30/2007
14.56ft 11am 6/30/2007 Sat
(Per FOX 23 TV News 9pm Sunday July 1st: expect 7 more feet to Caney River near Collinsville with a crest Thursday July 5th)
[Coffeyville is already flooded (with an oil spill into the Verdigris River), Caney River will peak at Bartlesville Tuesday before reaching Collinsville] -7/1/2007 --

(Local Topo Map)
Thursday July 5th, 2007Update:
This is the same mailbox as shown above (July 3rd at 31.75 feet) but with the Caney River now at 34.02 feet Thursday July 5th. The crest was at 34.11ft about 5am July 5th.
These cows (just a few doors south on 137th E. Ave) were checking out their wet yard Thursday.