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Collinsville Grad At Equator
Jan. 25, 2007
Emily Wright's Galapagos "Class"
2003 CHS Grad Studying Nature First Hand
University Of Miami Senior's
Inter-Session Course
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Emily's trip to the Galapagos Islands included a few days on the mainland of South America in Equador. While we were fighting a sleet storm in Collinsville she was sweating at the equator.-- Ted (Dad)
The sea lions were great fun to play and swim with.
White tip sharks sleeping on the bottom.
Several huge manta rays swam by during Emily's dive at the Galapagos Islands ... one with a wing span of about 15 feet.
An octopus with a fish swimming over it's eye.
Emily said this was the biggest school of fish she had ever seen. They would totally wrap around her and almost block out the light and the other divers.
This was Emily's favorite tortoise at the Darwin Research Center on the Galapagos Islands.
Bartolomea Island
There really are birds called blue footed boobies.
Emily was able to feed finches out of her hand at a lady's house where they are fed daily. These birds are descendants of the birds Charles Darwin studied while he was working on his theory of evolution there.
A marine iguana with Sally Light-foot crabs.
Spiky marine iguana
Emily on the "wall of tears" built by prisioners at a former penal colony.
Emily (a marine biology major) and her University of Miami classmates on the Galapagos trip.
Iguana walking the beach.
Emily on top of Volcano Chica.
I've included a map for those (like me) that had no idea where these islands were. I did learm just a bit in conversations with Emily as she had to read two books on the islands and their ecology while she was in Collinsville briefly in December. Thank you to all those who ask how daughter Emily is doing and say they look forward to her photos. She is now back in Coral Gables (Florida) for "normal" classes. -- Ted Wright