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Collinsville, Oklahoma
Sept. 26, 2006
Project Status Snapshot
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A quick glance at many of the ongoing improvements in Collinsville, Oklahoma
Project Thumbnail Project Description Status Initial Coverage Most Recent Coverage
1 School: CHS Track Phase I on schedule for completion by Dec. 1, 2006 Jan. 2006 track drawings Sept. 17, 2006 Misc. News Photo
2 School: ECC (Early Childhood) Building On schedule for completion by July 15, 2007 Jan 2006 school bond description Aug. 2006 Archive news index
3 School: CHS Alumni Memorial Had been waiting on placement of MS sign for location: likely south of sign & north of band room on 14th St. side. May 2005 Memorial proposal presented to School Board by Ron Evans Aug. 2006 MS Sign Placement (Ron says funds are still needed and the goal is to have it up before june 2007)-Ted 9/26
4 School: State Champs Signs 2005 Softball Champs have new sign at softball field; Band signs still not updated since 2001 Sept. 2005 Band Sign News Nov. 2005 School Board Meet (Band); Aug 2006 (Softball)
5 School: CCC Band Uniforms New hats in use; rest of 2 uniform sets not expected to arrive until mid-October 2006. Sept 2003 Vision 2025 (Funding) Approved; April 2006 design discussed at School board Sept. 8, 2006 new hats debuted at Catoosa Football Game
6 School: Middle School South Parking Lot Pavement Graveled lot in use since August 2005 for settling and opportune time for County asphalt assist: likely mid-Oct. June 2005 Middle School Annex torn down for lot Aug 2005 Center Street asphalt followed MS construction
7 School: CHS Baseball Pressbox & Stands Old pressbox will be torn down in Oct. 2006 and replaced. New bleachers will be added before spring baseball. Pat Colpitt Field has seen continuous improvements since it was built in the late 1970s?. Sept. 2006 CHS Alumni Baseball Game
Project Thumbnail Project Description Status Initial Coverage Most Recent Coverage
8 City: TEA-21 Main Street Beautification Phase I bids? ... maybe construction start Jan 2007? Sept 2003 Vision 2025 Approved; Sept 2004 Commission Approval; Nov. 2004 Plans At Public Meet June 2006 Official Walk / Discuss Plan Details
9 City: Broadway Bridge Buel Anglen reported July 12th, 2006 that environmental studies had been completed. May 2005 Cherokee Nation / County / City / ODOT agreements July 2006 No obvious signs of progress.
10 City: Blackjack Creek (Main St.) and East Gateway Won't be started until after Broadway Bridge alternate route is available. May 2005 Cherokee Nation / County / City / ODOT agreements Sept. 2006 City Commission agreement with ODOT
11 City: S-Curve Replacement Right of way and utility works scheduled in 2006-07. I have not seen a design drawing with the new path. -- Ted Dec 2005 Chamber intro; Dcc 2005 County 4-to-Fix Vote Approved Aug 2006 Right of way & Utility Sched
12 City: 12th Street Plaza ... design? bids? ... construction start? Nov. 2005 Plaza Proposal announced Collinsville Centennial Plaza Funded for $20,000 in April 2006 ... Governor expected for 2007 dedication
13 City: Animal Shelter Slab in place; Building material expected by mid-October -- Susan Babbitt 9/26/2006 Aug 2004 FOCAS organized; Oct 2005 Pet Palooza June 2006 Footings poured; July 2006 Slab poured.
14 n/a City: Recycling Center New center to be built in city yard (near Broadway bridge) and CHS environmental classes w/ Mr. Hamilton planned. June 2003 Previous Recycle Center was still in use; Sept 2003 Closing center; That center was later also used by the Fire Department. March 2006 New Center plan introduced at Chamber Meet; Sept 2006 pad expected in a few weeks
15 City: Swimming Pool Replacement New (unfunded) $1.6 million pool concept was approved in Aug 2005; Funding may require bond vote? Original pool built with 5 years of volunteer labor was opened in 1958; Vision 2025 funds for new pool / park concept only May 2006 Pool failed to open for summer; June 2006 City decided not to repair old pool
16 City: Other City Park Proposals Lake, skate park, Frisbee golf, band shell ... etc ... unfunded wish list ... funding may require bond vote(s) July 2005 Long term park concept by LandPlan Consultants and Paddock (pool) Enterprises Aug. 2005 Park proposals presented to city commission
17 City: 2nd City Ambulance Waiting for status from City Manager. 2 units in service recently not sure of ownership for 2nd?-Ted Aug 2006 City OKs one new ambulance purchase Sept 2006 New ambulance in Use
18 n/a City: Utility Service to West Electric lines energized to Cooper Mill Sept. 5th, 2006 Jan 2006 City Commission ?
19 City: Utility Service to South ?? ... waiting for status from City Manager -- Ted 9/26 Sept 2005 grant applications Aug 2006 Victory Energy Expansion
20 n/a City: Waste Water Treatment Facility Improvements ?? ... waiting for status from City Manager -- Ted 9/26 Sept 2003 DEQ Consent Order Acccepted June 2006 Engineering Report Presented
21 City: City Hall Restoration Completed!!!! Dec. 2001 fire pre-dated start in March 2003; July 2003 City plans; Sept 2003 Vision 2025 Approved Police Station Dedicated: Nov 2003; Fire/EMS Station Dedicated: Aug 2005;City Hall Dedicated: Aug. 2006
22 City: Railroad Crossings and Right-of-way Cleanup Completed??... except oil tanks north of Broadway?? -- Ted Dec. 2004 Corporation Commission inspection April 2006 Main Street Crossing Improvements
23 City: Gas Franchise ONG currently operating without official agreement since last agreement expired in ?? 2005 (4% fee in city charter issue?) June 2005 2% tax OK'd for expired franchise; July 2005 City owned gas franchise considered but voted down ?
24 City: Cable TV Franchise Community Cablevision currently operating without official agreement since last agreement expired in ?? 2005 (4% issue?) ?? ... waiting for status from City Manager -- Ted 9/26 ?
Project Thumbnail Project Description Status Initial Coverage Most Recent Coverage
25 JJ Project: New Defibrillator JJ Project is in its final stages. Shelbi Phelps (918-694-7388) will be accepting donations until the end of 2006.
Aug 2004 One of Many Fund Raising Activities ... trying to raise $10,000 Thanks for all who have donated and who will donate to this project. -- Nancy Phelps 9/22
26 Newspaper Museum In Collinsville No heater ... tour now before winter ... (email: Newspaper Museum In Collinsville
27 Collinsville Depot Museum Caboose needs paint ...
tours by calling Bill Thomas... status of Historical Society?
Depot Museum
28 Morrow Home Place New web site in progress; 1957 "Just Thoughts" columns scanned ... presentation edits not finished July 2006 Plan Announced
29 Woodruff: For Spacious Sky (Art Gallary) Not Currently Open ... nor has it been for many years Contains presidential art work by the late Diane Woodruff
30 Marmont Building Restoration Completed last week with new roof and September 2006 move in of "Fatman Cycleworks" business July 2005 Facade changes to 1916 building ... had been Town Crier Grocery and part of New Museum ... 2006 CDI Projects
31 Beautiful Collinsville Photo Contest Zero entries received in second phase of contest so far. -- Ted 9/25/2006 March 2006 initial announcement Aug 2006 initial winner announced: Stefanie Dowdy
32 Library: Main Street (Front) Entry Per Susan Babbitt, there are no current plans or funds for this. 1999 Library rennovation moved entry to back of building for elevator and single security screen. Tulsa County Library Bond vote failed in Dec 2004
33 Library / City Hall / Funeral Home / Pharmacy Cooperative Parking Improvements Proposals for lots between Libray & Pharmacy and between Fire/EMS building and Funeral Home are still pending joint agreements. Possible pocket park (with dome) was part of an early plan on NE corner of 13th & Main and included removal of old gas station. March 2006 Local Vision 2025 Funds Committee met and discussed Woodruff Dome again
34 Victory Cemetery Restoration On-going maintenance / mowing continues by Collinsville Downtown, Inc (Brad Francis); Waiting for new mapping data from Cherokee Nation Spring 2003 School Kid project; web page Aug 2006 Ground Mapping; Aug. 2006 Washington DC Cherokee delegation visit
35 n/a EPA Cleanup at Fomer Smelter Site I don't have any recent status ... will need to do some research later -- Ted -- 9/26/06 Two different zinc smelters started construction just south of Collinsville in 1911 and operated as late as the 1920s. About Collinsville: a smelter photo; Feb 2006 EPA link which now shows June 2006 status
  Outside Collinsville The two new Owasso Hospitals are nearing completion. The new Reasors grocery at 116th N. St and Hwy 169 is under construction. The Hwy 20 bridge to Claremore reopened Sept. 19th, 2006. Skiatook has a new (Vision 2025) trail all the way to OSU Tulsa. Tulsa is spending a bunch of Vision 2025 $'s for a new arena. And many more projects too numerous to mention.
Previous "Project" Status (March 2006)
I have a request in to City Manager Pam Polk for later status on several city projects and will update when that arrives -- Ted 4pm Tuesday