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Collinsville, Oklahoma

City Commission Meeting
Nov. 6, 2006
James Rigdon Swearing In
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The Collinsville City Commission met Monday, Nov. 6th at 7pm (at the City Hall Community Room, 106 N 12th Street) for a regular meeting of the City Commission and Municipal Authority.

Ted Note: I have just sumarized the CMA agenda but have a complete commission agenda below.

====== Collinsville Municipal Authority (Agenda): =====

Trustees Pam Porter, Melodie Bateman, James Rigdon & Stan Sallee were present. Trustee Trent Rogers was absent.

* Swearing in of James Rigdon as Ward IV commissioner / trustee (on commission agenda).

* Consent agenda including appropriations -- approved

* City Manager's report -- Pam Polk reported on the following topics:

* City Attorney report -- Ken Underwood said the new hotel/motel tax ordinance was ready for review by the commissioners.

* Discussion and possible action concerning final plans and specification for wastewater plant expansion. -- Jay Updike presented information on the on-going efforts to improve Collinsville waste water plant to meet the DEQ consent order. A disc filter system has been demonstrated twice on the Collinsville system which would be one of the first approved by the DEQ for a system this size. The appllication process continues for a project with a $1.3 million project which is projected to cover growth for about 15 years.

* Presentation of proposal for State Highway 20 corridor wastewater study.
Updike followed up on individual (per household) grinder pump stations that had been presented to the comprehensive plan steering committee July 27th. The systems are expected to be cheaper than gravity systems alone. Bartlesville has studied the same system and expects to use it for the strip of land conecting to the Wal-Mart Distribution Center. Muskogee already uses the system.

====== Collinsville City Commission (Agenda): =====

Ted's Summarized version:
* Consent Agenda. --

* Discussion and possible action concerning appointment of Ward I Planning Commissioner to complete the term of Leslie Russell (who had resigned) --

* Discussion and possible action concerning lump sum payment to Phil Glover from the Oklahoma Municipal Retirement Fund.

* Public hearing and possible action on changing the zoing on the SE corner of 15th & Main from residential to light office. -- action deferred two times before

1. Call to Order. TIME:

2. Swearing in and oath of office of James Rigdon as City Commissioner representing Ward IV. -- see photo above

3. Roll call and declaration of a quorum.

Mayor Stan Sallee ___
Commissioner Pam Porter ___
Commissioner Melodie Bateman ___
Commissioner Trent Rogers ___(absent)
Commissioner James Rigdon ___

4. CONSENT: All items listed under the Consent Agenda are deemed to be routine in nature by the governing body. They will be approved by one motion of the governing body. Items on the consent agenda will not be discussed. Any member desiring to discuss an item may request that it be removed from the Consent Agenda and placed on the regular agenda. It will then be discussed and considered.

A. Approval of minutes of the October 16, 2006 regular meeting.
B. Approval of disbursements and payroll.
C. Cemetery Deeds: Steven and Donna Loffer, 2 spaces, and Jim G. Milsap, 1 space.
D. Supplemental appropriation of $189.07 to General Fund Account #01-515-2000 from the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management.

-- approved

4. Discussion and action on items removed from the Consent Agenda.--n/a

5. Discussion and possible action concerning appointment of Ward I Planning Commissioner to complete the term of Leslie Russell. -- Lawrence Yuhl was nominated and approved.

6. Discussion and possible action concerning lump sum payment to Phil Glover from the Oklahoma Municipal Retirement Fund. -- approved

7. CONTINUED PUBLIC HEARING CZ-164: Public hearing from October 2, 2006 and consideration of possible approval of Zoning Ordinance 791 on a request to rezone property located at the southeast corner of South 15th Street and West Main Street more particularly described as Lot 4, Block 55, Collinsville Cherokee Nation Indian Territory Tulsa County from RS-3, Single-Family Residential District to OL Low Intensity Office District for office-office commercial uses per Sections 510, 520.1, 530 and 1530 of the Collinsville Zoning Code. The subject property is located in Section 29, Township 22 North, Range 14 East and consists of .20767 acres. -- approved after parking concerned had been addressed.

8. Discussion and possible approval of Emergency Clause pertaining to Ordinance 791. -- approved

9. Consideration of any new business, which can be considered an emergency, to come before the City Commission not known about or which could not have been reasonably anticipated at the time of posting this agenda. --none


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New Ward 4 Commissioner: James Rigdon took his oath of office Monday