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Collinsville, Oklahoma
Nov. 19, 2006 (Page 1 of 4)
Powder Puff Flag Football
Senior Girls Won CHS Student Council Fund Raiser Event Sunday
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1st Place: Seniors
(L-R) Front Row:
(Coach Tyler Chronister), Kaycee Donelson, Katie Bryant, Danielle Kern and Cassie Sallee. Middle Row: (Coach Kyle Lee Smith), Katie Sullivan, Rachel Nelson, Megan Peters , Addie Upky, Kylie Pelizonni, and Lacey Koscheski. Back Row: (Coach David Chester), Jessica Vaughn, Emily Richardson, Katie Pellitier, (Coaches: Jeremy Guest, Tyler Nair and Chance Riley). Not in Photo: Toni Slagle
Juniors 2nd
Sophomores 3rd
Freshman 4th
2nd Place:

(L-R) Front Row:
Jessica Dyer, Jordan Shelley, Lanie Dipley, Kaitlin Milford, and Rachel Johnson. Middle Row: Tabitha Hoffman, Jessica Harper, Mollie Colpitt, Emily Pellitier, Cassie Smith, and Emily Carothers. Back Row: Amy Garrett, (Coach Kevin Phillips), Lasrissa Newland, Abby Miller, (Coaches: Michael Pitts, Jarrod Shearer, and Garrett Thurman).

3rd Place: Sophomores
(L-R) Front Row:
Lexie Dipley, Brittnay Black, Shelby Charles, Brittni Schmauss, Brandi Smith (reclined) and Emily Harker. Middle Row: Ariel Kocheski, Maci Sink, Chelsea Reed, Jessica Henry, Amanda Davis, Kelsi West. Back Row: (Coach Dalton Rasmussen), Nicole Mafille, Tory McMillin, Linsey Curtis, Mariah McElroy, (Coaches: Kyle Rush and Lane Coulter).

4th Place: Freshman
(L-R) Kneeling:
Michaela Bocock, Jennifer Henley, Kylie Cole, Tristan Warren , Miriah Enloe, Jordan Bolger, Jenny Dyer, Ricci Lea Smith, Paige DeLozier, and Myranda Murphy.
Stacye Dick, Alexis Bell, Lacie Cook, Kacy Mangrum, (Coaches: Dylan Weabe, Jace Crowder, Ethan Miller, and Trainer Dillon Harwood).
Thank you's to Laurie Smith for help with the Freshman names and to Manda for the assist with the Soph's.