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12th Street Closed Now For Future Plaza
March 27, 2006
Does Anyone Else Care?
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Public Hearing Brought Little Objection

Ted Wright Editorial: I think a downtown plaza is a wonderful idea. Closing a major street for a plaza location would not have been my first choice. But, the primary purpose of this page is an attempt to determine if others object to having the street closed now before the plaza is designed, funded or scheduled for construction? Major work on restoring the fire damaged City Hall ended in 2005. City employees moved back into City Hall in January 2006. For three months so far (and possibly another year?) the north portion of the intersection of 12th and Main Street is still blocked to traffic by barrels and a sign.

The stated purpose for not removing the "Road Closed" sign in January was "so folks wouldn't get used to it being open again before closing later for the plaza". The previous "quote" is a paraphrase of similar statements made by multiple city officials since the plaza design emerged late in 2005. If I have mis-quoted the intent I would be glad to add an official position from the city. I emailed a concern on this subject to the City Manager, Mayor and several city commissioners last week and have yet to receive a reply. Commissioner Pam Porter did take time to discuss the topic with me when I delivered a printed version of the email. (Update, I received an email from the City Manager while I was building this page. That reply is shown below.)

A public hearing was held at the Feb. 3, 2006 City Commission Meeting. I missed the hearing while attending a concurrent school board meet. I was told one person raised objections to 12th Street being closed at that hearing. The concensus based on that hearing leads city official to believe the public approves closing 12th street for the plaza. My specific questions to the public is: Do you care that the street is closed now before it is necessary for plaza construction?

Please share your opinion with me (email: or talk to your elected officials.

Letter To The Editor
(received March 16, 2006)
Is it just me or is anyone else confused about why they don't open 12th & Main back up. I know I saw a sketch of a plaza they want to build there but to me that just doesn't make sense and I don't think I am alone in thinking that isn't want the citizens of Collinsville want. It is really an inconvenience with that road being closed. It seems to me it's just a matter of someone moving the barrels and cones out of the way. -- Name Withheld
Ted's Previous Coverage:
Nov. 21, 2005 City Commission: Discussion concerning development of City Plaza area. -- A preliminary concept for a plaza between City Hall and the City Annex building was discussed. 12th Street (which has been closed for months during the City Hall re-construction) would remain closed and a plaza with benches and trees would complement the planned TEA-21 improvements on Main Street. According to City Attorney Ken Underwood, closing the street permanently would require filing a lawsuit to vacate a roadway and notices be sent to citizens and business with possible impact or easement claims. No action was taken.
Nov. 25, 2005 Plaza Concept Drawings
Dec. 19, 2006 City Commission -- City Attorney Ken Underwood reported ...Closure of 12th Street for a city plaza beside City Hall can be done with an ordinance (instead of a district court action) as the street will remain in the public use.
Jan. 3, 2006 City Commission: Discussion, consideration and possible approval of closure of a portion of the roadway easement on 12th Street between Broadway and Main. -- After considerable discussion about parking, traffic flow, safety and the potential plaza design, commissioner approved proceeding with closing 12th street at Main Street on the east side of City Hall but left considerable detail to the city manager to decide later.

Feb. 6, 2006 City Commission:
PUBLIC HEARING: Consideration and possible approval of a Roadway Easement Closure of a portion of N. 12th Street for the development of a Centennial Plaza. Ordinance 773. NOTE: I attended the concurrent school board meeting and this city meet was completed when I switched meetings about 8pm so I have no results for the decisions below. I understand the 12th Street Centennial Plaza ordinance was approved -- Ted

March 16, 2006 Oklahoma Centennial Meeting at City Hall (by invitation) ... possible state funding for plaza discussed

3/27 City Manager Reply To My 3/22 Email which included the March 16th letter above and several other plaza related topics.
I wanted to make sure that you understood about the plaza. Your email sounded as if you thought we were taking up the bricks and not replacing them. This is not the case. Our street department personnel have been to two training seminars on how to take up, put the base down, and replace the bricks. The bricks were going to be re-laid the whole time. You know we had this on several agendas for the very reason of allowing citizens to voice their opinions. The commission finally votes on the issue and then people come forward. The time frame for comments was quite extensive. I just wanted to clarify this. Please contact me if you have any other concerns. Thank you

Pam Polk

City Manager
City of Collinsville, OK
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Collinsville, OK 74021
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