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2003 Collinsville H.S. Grad
March 20, 2006
Emily Wright Australia News
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Frog Hunt In Rain Forest /
Frog Hunt In Rain Forest
Feb. 27, 2006:
Sooo, I spent this last weekend in the rainforest with a grad student and another volunteer trying to catch frogs for a research project. The rainforest was sooo beautiful and we did some awesome hiking! I actually caught a frog too! Here's a few pictures from the trip. -- Emily
My hiking boots were awesome! I can't wait to do more hiking in them. They did get soaked though because we took a great hike on Sunday to a waterfall with a great view and then on the way back it poured rain (go figure- in the rainforest!) and we were all completely drenched! It was fun anyway, and the boots are drying on the balcony now.
Classes are going well, this will be my first officially full week because I'll have all of my tutorials and labs that weren't going on last week becuase it was just the first week. I'll let you know if I get to disect anything cool!
-- Emily Feb. 27th, 2006
Emily emailed me Sunday evening that she was OK after the first cyclone (what would be called a hurricane in the northern hemisphere) passed but cautioned there was another following a few days behind. She said Townsville (where she is attending James Cook University this semester) got by with relatively minor damage but her classmates from closer to Cairns reported damage at their parent's homes from the category 5 storm.-- Ted
The NOAA view above was a snapshot from the following site at about 12:30am this morning (Oklahoma time Monday March 20) with an apparently delayed look with Cyclone Larry just onshore in Queensland and Cyclone Wati not far behind.
I noticed this morning that the online view is updating slowly as the storms continue to move. So if you check this link much after March 20th in Oklahoma the storms likely won't show at all. -- Ted
(See Wed. March 22 update below)
3/18/2006 Email

I went on my field trip for linking indigenousness yesterday and it was really cool. An aboriginal man took us around a lot of the country surrounding Townsville and showed us aboringal rock art that was at least 4000 yrs old. He also told us about a lot of their bush medicine and showed us a lot of foods you can claim from the plants around here. We made real foaming soap from the leaves of an ash tree and a little water - it was really cool. He said you can use it in salt water to bathe and you won't come out sticky like you normally do when you leave the ocean. He also told us some of their mythical stories and showed us some of the burial and dancing sites.

I really liked the whole trip, it was definitely the best part of this class. I had to write about 15 pages for this course already and now I have to make a powerpoint presentation and write another 1500 words by next week! Then I'll pretty much be all finished with this course and I can focus on my others.

I'm excited about my birthday...we're going out to eat at an Italian place in the city to celebrate (I miss good pasta)!


Here's a picture of Turtle Rock. Lindsay, Laura and I are standing in the area where the aboriginal tribes in the area used to gather and dance, and there's a cave under the rock where they cooked and buried some of the young and old that had died. There's some really cool art under the rock!

Some of the wildlife at the local Townsville Zoo.
Kangaroo at the Townsville Zoo.
Cyclone Wati Stalled (March 22, 2006)
This Wednesday March 22 noon snapshot from
shows the 2nd cyclone which had been heading directly for Emily at Townsville has been stalled in about the same location for the past day and a half. The first cyclone hit near Cairns, Australia (just north of Townsville).
March 23 (Update) Already March 24th there ...
Cyclone Wati took a hard left turn and is now heading away from Townsville and paralleling the coastline. You can click the link to the left for an updated map. -- Ted 4pm Mar. 23 Okla. time