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Ted Wright -- last update 7/17/2006
Collinsville, Oklahoma

City Commission Meeting
July 17, 2006
Electrical Improvements Funded
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Bonds Refinanced
Proposed Changes to City Ward Boundaries Postponed
Firefighter's Contract Approved

$370,000 + $236,354 was made available for improving Collinsville's electrical system in two transactions approved by the CMA and commission Monday.

$370,000 will be generated by refinancing of two existing bonds (originally at close to 6% in ~1999) at a new rate of 4.49% by Bank of America on August 3rd, 2006. A second bid of 4.529% by Bank of Oklahoma was also received. The three local banks received bid packages but did not bid on the new 13 year fixed transaction. The city's monthly payments on principal and interest remains about the same and the 2019 maturity date also remains the same.

$236,354 will come to the city to pay for running new electrical lines to Victory Energy (& other future businesses at the industrial park south of town). The first $100,000 is from a Dept. of Commerce grant based on potential future jobs created by the improvement. The remaining $136,354 comes from a zero percent loan. The lines will run approximately 12,000 feet and mainly follow the rail way.

Minor changes were approved to the city's personnel manual. Those changes included: changing the new employee probation period from 180 days down to 90 days; vacation accural to monthly instead of up front; dress code; and discounts on cemetery plots for employees. The drug and alcohol policy is still being revised to simply and clarify the previous patchwork policy.

The municipal authority also approved a new contract with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections to continue the city's use of inmate labor.

Under the city commission agenda, Commissioner Pam Porter requested the proposed changes to the ward boundaries be tabled pending further study. City Manager Pam Polk indicated the boundary changes were intended to equalize the number of voters in each of the wards.

Following a brief executive session the commissioners approved the firefighter's union contract.

Commissioner Brad Overholt was absent.

In her report City Manager Pam Polk reported on the following topics:
* July 27 5:30pm Comprehensive Plan Meeting
* Ads for a new city clerk/treasurer are running. Other city staff members are taking on extra duties to cover the position in the meantime.
* The number of housing starts in early 2006 are up over last year's numbers (45 starts in Jan-May).
* A $25K tree grant has been applied for to supplement the TEA-21 project which is facing price increases since approval.

-- Ted Wright -- Monday July 17, 2006


The Collinsville City Commission met Monday, July 17th at 7pm (at the City Hall Community Room, 106 N 12th Street) for regular meeting of the City Commission and Municipal Authority.

Ted Note: with the city clerk position vacant ... I didn't get my normal digital copy of the agenda. The official copy of the agenda is posted outside city hall ... and I will just sumarize below. A photo of the agenda supplement is shown below.

====== Collinsville Municipal Authority (Agenda): =====
* City Manager's report
* City Attorney's report
* Refunding the authorities exiting revenue bonds

====== Collinsville City Commission (Agenda): =====
* Potential changes to city council ward boundaries
* Discussion of firefighters contract negotiations (in executive session)