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Collinsville, Oklahoma
June 30-July 7, 2006 Mystery #15
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Mystery 15
Hint #1: The Nation Guard photo was taken in the 1960s. The former Lee Building is on a corner. -- Ted -- Monday July 3rd 1:45pm

Hint#2: The National Guard photo was taken in September 1967. -- Ted -- Wed. July 5th 5:30pm

Winners: Dana Short, Mystery Man, Linda Fleming and Susan Branen are the initial prize winners with partial answers. I'll add one more hint below for part A only and answers for B & C.

Hint#3: Maybe the "emergency" was not here? -- Ted -- Friday July 7th 12:30am

Andrea Winton is the part A winner. She correctly answered that the National Guard was using Collinsville's Main Street as a practice location. There was no actual emergency here. (see 1967 stories below).
The contest is now closed.
-- Ted 10:30pm Fri. July 7th

Answer B: The T. A. Lee Building (built in 1911) is now called the Bayouth Building. The Central High School in the 1913 story was built in 1912 and torn down in 1971 and was at the current middle school campus on 14th Street between Spring and Center. The Collinsville Carniege Library was built in 1917. The town's "library" books were in several different building before that permanent home was completed.

Answer C: The 3 locations are the current and former locations of the Verdigris Valley Electric Cooperative (VVEC) which began here in 1938.

When & why did the National Guard take control of Collinsviille's Main Street?

What is the modern day name of the Lee Building?

Where was the High School building the Public Library moved into in 1913?

What year was our current Carniege Library built?

What do these 3 locations have in common?