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Collinsville, Oklahoma
Jan. 9, 2006
2006 (& 1983) Predictions
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What Do You Expect This Year
... For Collinsville?

Tharyn Nachtigall's
Predictions For 2006

(Collinsville Family Pharmacy)

Change that has merit or value, comes slowly and is a labor of the many dedicated people of our community. This change is built on the efforts of past and present city governments, organizations, boards, councils and promoters. Through all of these struggles beats the heart of a thriving and healthy community.

I think Collinsville is at a time of rapid expansion and change. I'm optimistic about our future because of our past experience and present leadership. We can indeed affect that quality change we so much desire. To reword and reassign an old phrase, Collinsville is saying "Come grow with me, the best is yet to come."

Tharyn Nachtigall -- Jan. 2006

Note: Tharyn is known to most folks in Collinsvile as their pharmacist, but he has served many years on many of the boards and organizations he spoke of above. He also has plenty of sweat equity on Main Street as he has helped remodel and restore several buildings with his carpentry skills. I can hear him working next door (as I type this) while he is working to restore the Marmont Building to it's original 1916 facade and even improves the interior with a metal ceiling instead of the original plaster.
-- Ted Wright -- 1/9/2006

Note: I haven't received Sari's 2006 update yet and suspect she is already gearing up for the busy tax season with H&R Block. -- Ted 1/9/06