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Collinsville, Oklahoma
Feb. 28, 2006
City Hybrid Car
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Alternative Fuel Vehicle Subsidized By INCOG
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(When a Prius Purchase Was Anticipated)
This should be a rare sight as City Planner Bob Wolfram filled the gas tank of the new Honda Civic hybrid car Saturday.
The city's new hybrid car is parked just outside the 1913 City Hall that initially housed a horse drawn fire "engine".
The City of Collinsville received their new hybrid vehicle this past week from Don Carlton Honda. A significant portion of the purchase amount will soon be reimbursed by INCOG. Primary use of the fuel efficient vehicle is for short trips related to the building inspection and code enforcement functions of the city, but will be available for miscellaneous city business.
Check back later for a fuel usage comparison with the city's previous vehicle.
Bob Wolfram let me ride along on a trip to fuel the city's most modern vehicle last Saturday. The hybrid car is alternatively powered by the gasoline or electric battery. That battery is recharged each time the vehicle is braking. The battery does not need to be plugged into any other power source. The car is remarkably quite and still smooth and powerful. -- Ted Wright
My 2006 hybrid car trip turned out safer than my great grand-dad's above in 1920. Apparently W. L. Wright was still more comfortable driving a horse drawn wagon in town than a car in 1920. He had reported in June of 1904 the first car he had seen in Collinsville. -- Ted Wright