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Collinsville, Oklahoma
August 9, 2006
Miscellaneous News
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Band Props /
Alaska Pipeline /
Possum Visit /
Book Sale During Fair
Early Preparations For CCC Band's "Carnival" Program
Erica Coombs has provided photos above of a few of the many volunteers helping get the props ready for the 2006 fall marching program for the Collinsville High School Band. Those pictured above are Bob Bell, Kelsey Haymaker, Alicia Coombs, Shawn Blue, Jared Coombs, and Nicole Coombs. The band received word this week that their new uniforms would not be ready until later in October after the majority of marching season was completed.

I took this photo of the 48-inch-diameter 800 mile long Trans Alaska Pipeline in 1998 on a family vacation. This is just a small portion of the line (somewhere between Fairbanks and Anchorage) which brings oil from Prudhoe Bay in the north of Alaska to the southern ports of Alaska. A Washington Post report indicated there are also 1,100 miles of smaller pipelines in the North Slope oil fields which feed the larger pipeline. Apparently some portion of those smaller pipes were shut down this week as BP found corrosion in approximately 20 miles that would need to be repaired. Most news reports this week have predicted higher gas prices. I have not checked all three Collinsville stations this week but have not seen a change yet from the $2.97 per gallon price for unleaded here in the past 3 days. -- Ted -- 8/9/2006 (More Pipeline Info)

I had this uninvited visitor to the Newspaper Museum this week. The possum apparently snuck in the open back door as I was working late on August 3rd. My dog Georgia alerted me to the visitor as we came back in the door the following morning. I set up some boards allowing an exit to the back door but not deeper inside the building. I hope that it has returned to the outdoors as I have not seen it in several days. -- Ted -- (Previous Coverage)
Gently Used Books and Magazines!
The Friends of the Collinsville Library are having a BOOK SALE during the Tri-County Fair to support the library and we need books! Hardcover, softcover, and magazines! Have books left over from your yard sale? Tired of reading the same book over and over again? We'll take them!

You can drop your books off at the C'ville Library or call 798-3688 to arrange for pickup (10 or more books for a pickup please). Thanks Collinsville for your support!