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Collinsville, Oklahoma
August 2, 2006
Miscellaneous News
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Construction Snapshots /
Band Practice /
Summer band practice started Tuesday (Aug. 1st) with morning sessions at the football field and afternoon sessions in the air conditioned band room for the next few weeks. (Previous Coverage)
School Supplies For Qualified
Native American Students
The Collinsville Indian Education Program will be handing out basic school supplies to qualified Native American Students. the student must have a 506 Form on file with the program or their CDIB card. If you need applications to enroll your child with a tribe please come by and see if we have that
form or we can call and request an application for you.

Supplies will be handed out on Wednesday, August 16th starting at 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at 310 S. 14th St. (S.E. corner of 14th and Spring St. by the middle school). Supplies are available throughout the school year by request of the student or teacher. Students need to check with the school secretaries for the necessary school supply form.

Submitted by Janice Fields
Indian Education Coordinator

The slab was poured this morning at the new Collinsville animal shelter (above). Your continued donations and support is still needed to complete and operate the facility. "Protect Animal Wisely" (PAW) key chains (shown below) are available at RCB Bank to help support the animal shelter effort.
(Previous Coverage)
Dirt work continues for the new track at Collinsville High School. (Previous Coverage)
Joe and Trey Keith were drilling the hole a few days ago (below) that now holds the new electronic message board (above) at the Collinsville Middle School. (Previous Coverage)
Dirt work continues for the new Early Childhood Center (ECC) adjacent to Herald Elementary. (Previous Coverage)