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April 3, 2006
Triple Third Birthday
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3 Surviving Smalygo Quad Babies Celebrated 3rd Birthday March 18th
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Art and Jeannie Smalygo kid's 3rd birthday party on March 18, 2006 was great despite some rain. They were born at Saint Francis Hospital on March 18, 2003, in the following order and weights (after just 24 weeks gestation):

Alec Dane Smalygo - 1lb 8oz
Brianna Leigh Smalygo - 1lb 4oz
Cameron Lynn Smalygo - 1lb 9oz
Devon Jerrie Smalygo - 1lb 3.5oz

In their Mother's words:

No one had any major health issues to speak of except Cameron. He had Necrotizing Entercolitis which caused the doctors to have to remove 3" of his intestines, leaving him with what they call 'short bowel syndrome'. He would have had trouble digesting foods and getting proper nutrition for the rest of his life. He also had a couple of chest tube surgeries to equalize the pressure between his lungs and chest cavity due to holes in his lungs from the ventilator pressure being so great. His kidneys shut down about a week before he passed away and his potassium levels were uncontrollable leaving his heart to beating at over 220 bpm. Anyway, we took him off the ventilator at 24-days with the suggestion of doctors and after much prayer. He passed away quietly in our arms that morning.

Back to the good stuff! Alec, Brianna, and Devon are doing wonderful!!! They just started the 3-year Old Program at the Early Childhood Center in Collinsville (on March 27) and they love it! Alec has Becky Darland for his teacher, Brianna has Melissa Smith, and Devon has Vickie Sowards. Art and I think it is good for them to be in their own classes so they make their own friends and develop apart as individuals too. Still to this day (knock on wood) no one has any major health issues to be concerned of. Brianna got glasses right after Christmas but that's about it. Not too concerned with that... She does great in them and is very proud because her Grandparents all wear glasses too.

Of course we have wonderful family that come and help us when we need a 'break' for a date night or something. Without the friends and family we have we wouldn't have made it this far. The school was fantastic when the babies were born. They collected enough money to buy the kids baby swings, lots of diapers, bottles, clothes, a playpen, carseats and much more. Plus they gave us over a thousand dollars cash to use for whatever else we needed for the babies. The community and our church family was wonderful as well. The school family, church family, and friends in the community all volunteered their time to help when the babies came home so Art and I could get some rest. It was great to see everyone pull together to help a little family like ours!

You might just put a note in there that we want to give a big Thanks to everyone and we appreciate everything they did for us.


Jeannie Smalygo


Devon, Alec & Brianna Smalygo celebrated their third birthday March 18th, 2006.
Brianna, Alec and Devon pose at the Collinsville ECC on their first day of school March 27th.