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Ted Wright -- last update 4/24/2006 (HailApr24.html)
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Collinsville, Oklahoma
April 24, 2006
Hail Pounds Collinsville
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At Least Quarter Sized Hail Hit About 1:45pm Monday April 24th
This is a small sample of the quarter sized hail that came into the Newspaper Museum In Collinsville today after shattering two skylights
The back hallway in the museum with shattered plastic and hail and rain pouring in.
What remain of the two skylight on the roof of the Newspaper Museum.
I also lost one of the back windows at the museum as the hail tore right through the screen and broke the discolored window. -- Ted
Had the plastic roof on my back porch at home perforated by hail also.
One of the many hail broken windows in Downtown Collinsville Mondat afternoon.
A second wave of severe storms passed through ahead of a cold front about 7:30pm but we got more much needed rain without the hail.
Garner's Flowers said they've lost glass before but this was the worst hit they have had in their 54 years here. To make matters worse they had replaced about 10 panes the day before this hail storm hit Collinsville Monday afternoon.
While Bart Schultheiss works on claims by his insurance customers he has damage to his own building as the hail chipped off portions of many bricks.
Portions of the neon lights on the ChooChooChew building were damaged by the hail Monday.
A recently uncovered vintage window at the back of the Marmont building was shattered by hail Monday.
The Library steps and most of the rest of Collinsville was covered by leaves stripped from trees by the hail today.
The glass in this south facing building did not break but the wood already covering an adjacent window shows many hail strikes.
Another storm about 9pm with gusting winds that pulled the tarp off one of my skylights put me back in water damage mode again. -- Ted 10:45pm Monday
Piles of hail all over town ... this one on the north end of the Newspaper Museum roof. Not all of those black marks are tar ... some are new holes in the roofing material. Also, someone is missing a hail dented vent cap that landed on my roof?