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Collinsville, Oklahoma

City Commission Special Session
Tuesday May 31, 2005
Budget - Gas Franchise - Manager
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The Collinsville City Commission met Tuesday, May 31st
at 6pm (at the City Hall Annex, 1126 West Main) for a special session meeting.

City Commission


1. Presentation of the City of Collinsville FY 2006 Budget and appointment by the Mayor of a Budget Committee. -- I missed this portion of the meet -- Ted

2. Presentation by Downtown Inc. of the 2005 Hogs and Hot Rods Festival and discussion and possible approval of the event by the Commission. -- I missed this portion of the meet. But was told the event's use of city property was approved with the Mayor breaking a 2-2 tie (with Commissions Rogers and Porter voting no to the motion as presented).


1. Consideration and possible action to go into Executive Session to discuss and possibly take action on the following:

Discussions concerning the employment, hiring, appointment, promotion, demotion,
disciplining or resignation of any individual salaried public officer or employee as allowed by O.S. 25, Section 307 (B)(1).

· City Manager Selection Process

2. Consideration and discussion of the appraisal of real property as provided for by O.S. Section 307(B)(3).

· ONG Gas System Appraisal - and confidential communications with the City Attorney concerning pending actions of the Commission regarding the ONG franchise negotiations which would be seriously impaired by disclosure, and would impede the ability of the Commission to proceed in the public interest as provided for by O.S. Section 307(B)(4).

3. Possible actions on any matters considered in Executive Session. -- no action was taken on items considered in the lengthy executive session. A city manager candidate was intereviewed during the executive session.

4.Consideration and possible action to purchase to ONG Gas System within the City of Collinsville as provided for by the existing franchise agreement with ONG. -- Mayor Sallee stated some commissioners still had some unanswered questions and items to investigate before this could be voted on. The commissioners voted to defer on this item and the next agenda item (special election) until a later meeting. ONG representatives Jim Stout and Rob Brown did make presentations to the commissioners asking the city to allow ONG to continue providing gas service to Collinsville and the surrounding area. Mr Brown stated in the 100+ year of the company they had never sold a franchise to a municipality, but had bought several. He stated they were in a growth position and would likely be asking to buy this franchise if it were city owned.

5.Consideration and possible action on a resolution and proclamation to call a Special Election for the taxpayers to consider purchasing the existing gas system from ONG as provided for by the franchise and for the City to engage in the operation of the gas system as provided for by the Collinsville City Charter. -- action deferred


1. Consideration of any new business, which can be considered an emergency, to come before the City Commission not known about or which could not have been reasonably anticipated at the time of posting this agenda. -- none's
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Hogs 'N' Hot Rods Approved On Split Vote

Gas Franchise Change Would Need Citizen Vote