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July 15, 2005
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Hello, I am a lecturer in medical microbiology at the university of paisley in the west of scotland. I am seeking permission to use the clipping from your website that says "death toll - ten dead in four days" for educational purposes

regards, Mary

You have the permission of the "Newspaper Museum In Collinsville" to use the 1918 influenza news stories for educational purposes as
long as the source is cited.

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Newspaper Museum In Collinsville
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July 15, 2005
I get occasional emails, calls or comments from folks letting me know what they think of my web site. Most are positive, but I don't mind hearing if you don't like something also. -- Ted Wright 7/15/2005
(A few recent samples follow:)
Great to see you recently....web site is great...more later. - H. Miglore (7/2/05)
Just a note. "Thanks for the great website." We enjoy!
Rodney & Lori M. (6/29/05)
I had a great time reading all the neat things on the website --- Linda W. (6/23/05)
Thanks for the information about Tommy-it looks great! -- Dana S. (6/21/05)
Keep up the good work on the web and the newspaper building. I know your dad would be proud. -- Carl G. (6/20/05)
I have been looking at the web page. I am amazed at all you accomplish and with such class. Does the town know how lucky they are to have you providing these services? -- H. Hardy (6/19/05)
Hey, just wanted to say that your web coverage of Collinsville is interesting for those of us who left the town and we love the photos, thanks. Good job. - G. Carter (6/19/05)
I have been reading your articles, Collinsville has an AWESOME band and the community truly has something to be proud of in their band students. Thanks, -- C.S. (6/18/05) stats for the past 11 and a half months shows over 129,000 visits (averaging more than 400 visits per day for past 6 months). -- Ted
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