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July 28, 2005
Broadway Bridge To Return
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Cooperative Effort Between Cherokee Nation - Tulsa County
- City Of Collinsville
Should Complete By Next Spring

Pam Polk (Collinsville's new City Manager) greeted those gathered for Thursday morning's formal announcement near the gap where the former Broadway Bridge stood until September of 1986.
Chad Smith (Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation) noted that "building a bridge" has multiple meaning as he hopes to bridge communities like Collinsville closer with the Cherokee Nation through projects like this.
(L-R) Wilbert Collins (Tulsa County Commissioner who has committed the labor and engineering for the bridge), Principal Chief Chad Smith, Bill Johnson and Buel Anglen (both District 8 Cherokee Nation Tribal Councilmen who will fund the bridge project) listen as Collinsville Mayor Sallee thanked them for help in making this bridge project a reality for Collinsville.
Buel Anglen (District Councilman) told that he had used the old bridge many times before it was removed in 1986. He also noted the increased visibility of the Cherokee Nation in town with Housing Authority on Broadway and the Victory Cherokee Organization on Main Street.
This view (facing west towards 5th Street on Broadway) shows the gap over Black Jack Creek where the bridge will be rebuilt soon. The size of the tree growing out of the creekbed shows how long residents have had to take a different route.
This view back to the east (and the Highway 169 overpass) shows the portion of Broadway running behind the American Bank of Oklahoma.
Mayor Stan Sallee thanked all those that are making this project possible and hinted that he will have a "major announcement" soon on another road project.
(L-R) Bill Johnson, Wilbert Collins, Chad Smith, Stan Sallee and Buel Anglen posed for a photo after the press conference Thursday, July 28, 2005, at the future site of the new Broadway Bridge in Collinsville.
Cherokee Nation News Release -- July 28, 2005
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Cherokee Nation, Tulsa County, City of Collinsville Collaborate to Build New Bridge

COLLINSVILLE, Okla. -- Getting from here to there in the city of Collinsville is about to get a little easier. The Cherokee Nation, Tulsa County Commissioners and city officials have come to an agreement that will make everyone's drive a whole lot safer. The Cherokee Nation has agreed to provide funding to finance a bridge construction project that will restore a bridge that has been out for almost twenty years. The Tulsa County Commissioner's office agreed to provide the manpower and engineering services on the bridge and plans to begin construction on the bridge this fall.

"This project helps Cherokee Nation and communities to work together to stretch their dollars," said Buel Anglen, Cherokee Nation tribal council member who represents the Collinsville area. "Working with the city and county, we can do projects that otherwise wouldn't get done. This project probably wouldn't happen without the help of the Cherokee Nation."

"This is a major road improvement to Collinsville," said Stan Sallee, the mayor of Collinsville. "This partnership between Cherokee Nation and the county is a big deal for our area."

The bridge, known as the Broadway Bridge, is located on Broadway Street and once it's opened will provide an alternate route to major highway and relief for everyday traffic problems on Main Street, which runs parallel to Broadway.

"It will alleviate problems with congestion and traffic pile-ups," Sallee said.

"We're working together to combine our revenue and get this project done," said Bill Johnson, tribal council member who also represents the Collinsville area. "It shows the Cherokee Nation is involved in helping out communities."

Both Anglen and Johnson were instrumental in working together with the city and county to reach this agreement. As tribal council members, they are both given a percentage of the Cherokee Nation motor fuels tax money to spend on road improvements in their area. Their decision to fix the Broadway Street Bridge in Collinsville was unanimous.

"Buel really got the ball rolling," Sallee said. "He committed the money first and the county chimed right in and agreed to do the work. It's a win-win situation for everyone that's involved."

Once bridge construction begins, it is expected to take 120 days to complete.

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