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City Hall Interior Supports
Feb. 8- 9, 2005
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The two recent photos above show where original bricks were removed this week from where the second I-beam rested before the fire. The photo below (taken the day of the fire) shows the damaged area where the fire-twisted beam had pulled away from the back wall. I assume the area will be strengthenged before a new beam is placed. -- Ted
Work on permanent interior support for the City Hall building made obvious progress this week with holes being bored and filled with reinforcing rods and concrete. A steel structure will be added on to this base later and the temporary bars removed which were added during the stabalization phase.
Wednesday, SBC crews were cutting down the old poles on the south side of the alley behind the new Fire/EMS building as the utilities had been relocated.
More of the slab in the fire engine bay was poured Wednesday and the brick facing is nearing the top on the west end of the building front.