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Collinsville, Oklahoma
Dec. 14, 2005
Miscellaneous News
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Parade Winners /
Election results
CHS 1985 Thanks /

Band CDs Available

Tulsa County voted to extend 4-To-Fix-The-County for 5 more years. A 2/12th cent sales tax + 50c/month/cell phone bill will fund more county improvements including a redo of the dangerous Collinsville S-Curve (at 19th Street merging Main & Broadway). The numbers posted at the 3 Collinsville polling places immeditely after the polls closed Tuesday Dec. 13, 2005 are shown below. They might not reflect absentee ballots and other final adjustments. The overall Tulsa tally was similar with the 4 propositions passing in the 54-58% range for yes votes. The overall E911 approval was 73% yes. (More info: Sample ballot / Collins presentation)
Prop 1
Prop 2
Prop 3
Prop 4

E911 Cell Location

Health Center
115 yes
110 no
107 yes
118 no
109 yes
116 no
138 yes
87 no
154 yes
70 no
1807 registered &
225 voted
Meadowcreek Methodist
259 yes
183 no
249 yes
192 no
238 yes
201 no
306 yes
138 no
329 yes
113 no
2795 registered &
446 voted
Marantha Church
22 yes
35 no
19 yes
38 no
26 yes
31 no
36 yes
21 no
33 yes
23 no
330 registered &
57 voted
Collinsville Totals
396 yes
328 no
375 yes
348 no
373 yes
348 no
480 yes
246 no
516 yes
206 no
4932 registered & 728 voted
CHS 1985 Reunion Thanks
We had a good turnout for our CHS Class of '85 20 yr reunion. (Photo)

The balance of our account for the amt of $100 which was donated to Jacob Brady.

Special Thanks goes out to the following for making are 20 yr a success;

CHS High School-Terry Due, Baseball Team, Cheerleaders, PTO, Debbie Whisenhunt her Art Class, The Cardinal - Shelby Phelps and Bill Rule.

Grapevine Catering-Pam, Melanie & Ashlee
Mexico Lindo
Chili's Restaurant
Ted Wright (
Collinsville News-Neighbor Newspaper
American Bank
David Rabbitt
Roger & Lynn Walters
Danny Chronister
Russ Norman (Dexter)
Sandra Rabbitt
Ted Wright
Mike Lames
Tracy Sirmon
Lenny Elmore
Mary Whisenhunt
Ricky Paul Band
Tim Rabbit
2005 Collinsville
Christmas Parade Winners

(Business Category ... Received Trophies)
1st Place -- Home Town Real Estate
2nd Place -- Subway
3rd Place -- Attitudes Dance Studio
(no photo available)

Many thanks to all who entered.

Can pick up trophies or prize money at Chamber Office.

Chamber office hours: Tuesday-Wed-Thursday 10:00-2:00

Susan Babbitt

(More Parade Photos)

2005 Collinsville
Christmas Parade Winners

(Organization & Clubs Category ... Received $50)
Cub Scout Pack 53
Jacob Brady Foundation
(no photo available)
With photos from August practice through last Sunday's concert I now have a CD available for the Fall 2005 Collinsville Crimson Cadet Band. The $20 CD can be ordered by contacting Ted Wright (email: or ask me at any event where you see me taking photos. Same goes for 2005 Softball, Volleyball, Football photo CDs.