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August 27, 2005 Mystery #13
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Mystery 13 (Solved)

Match photos in the first column with the photos in the second column that have a "connection". Again there may be "connection" I wasn't considering ... so the winner will have to match the pairs I had in mind.
Email: with your answer in the format: A-1, B-2, C-3, D-4, E-5 (none of which are correct answers).

First hint: photo 3 is not my first choice, but after an hour of searching for a photo with the coaches included, I settled for this one. -- Ted Wright Saturday Aug. 27, 2005 2:30pm

Second Hint: Bob Schultheiss was one of the coaches for the Nitehawks baseball club shown in photo 3. Photos 2 & 5 have a parent for a current CHS student shown in the first column. -- Ted -- Tuesday Aug. 30 12:30pm. One more prize is available as of 11am Sept 1 so another hint is: look for Rebyl's dad, David's mom and Amy's grandpa was my baseball coach. -- Ted

Winners: Darenda Chester is the first Ms. Nancy's winner Monday Aug. 29th (Mystery Man and Susan Catlett supplied correct answers Sunday Aug 28) ... two more Ms. Nancy's prizes are available -- Ted 8/29 12:30pm [Justin Howard emailed the correct answer also - 8/30] Missy Delozier is the 2nd prize eligible winner -- Ted 8/31 Daniel Mansfield is the 3rd and final winner. -- Ted 9/5

The Connections:
A The former fire station bay of City Hall will be the Commission Meeting Hall and community room before end of 2005. 4 The fire wagon and horses that pulled it. The horses lived in City Hall for more than two years before a fire truck was purchased in 1916.
B Amy Schultheiss in a recent CHS volleyball game. Bob Schultheiss is Amy's grandfather. 3 Bob Schultheiss was one of the coaches for this Nitehawk summer baseball team.
C David Chester was playing mud volleyball back in May 2005. 5 David's mom was on the 1982 CHS volleyball team shown as regional champs.
D Rebyl Richardson is one of the 2005 CHS Softball seniors. 2 Rebyl's dad was on the 1968 CHS football team (#80) at a pep rally bon fire.
E The new middle school library (on the left/east end) of the building is now full of books and students. 1 Before the old middle school library was torn down in 2004 the books were stored in this temporary facility.