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Collinsville Chamber of Commerce
Oct. 7, 2004
Tulsa County District Attorney
Tim Harris (Speaker)
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Tim Harris painted a grim picture of the state of gang violence and death in Tulsa County in the past few years. He estimated that about half of the 70 deaths in Tulsa County last year were gang related. His office now speaks to youth ranging from third graders to those already incarcerated under his "Operation Ceasefire" program. Harris stated that despite the best efforts of his office and police, the only real solution is a total community involvement to make a difference "one person at a time" by investing in the kids' future and giving them an alternative to gangs. He warned not to consider this just Tulsa's problem as it will spread to the suburbs if not attacked as there are hugh amounts of money involved and the (drug) crime will move where it is not resisted. A major emphasis is on the use of guns in these crimes and the increased death and penalties involved.

D.A. Harris also reminded Collinsville small businesses to contact his office with bogus checks as his office will not only recover the face amount but pay the merchant $25 per check. He indicated over a million dollars was recoved last year.