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Collinsville Memories
Keeping Up With Collinsville Today
Oct. 26, 2004
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CHS Class of 1950

Hello, Ted

Here's recognition for your neat website. It's information at it's best. I live near Wichita, Kansas and like to keep up with the old home town. I did not live in Collinsville but grew up 2 miles west and 3 north of town. The yellow school bus brought us to Collinsville every school day during High School. Our family attended Eureka School. Does anyone remember where is was? I visited the old building when it was the band room near old Central and it brought back a flood of memories from my past and the kids who went to the eight grades taught there. The outhouses, coal bin, the storm cellar as well as the bell tower were missing.

At the time it seems that Collinsville had only one bus and it came by Eureka crammed with kids in the early morning. They always waved and shouted at us as they went by our white country school building because the windows were all open in the warm weather. As a country kid I wondered as they came by what kind of kids went to town school. When I went to CHS in the Fall of 1946, I found that they were the same as we were.

I was part of the class of 1950. There were four of that class who had been together for twelve years of school both at Eureka and CHS. I'm wondering if any body might know who we were? At this time all are living and in their 70's. They live in Texas, California, Oklahoma and Kansas.
There were some kids who went to Ellingwood too in the class of 1950. One Eureka kid in our group died in the Korean War. Anyone remember him?

Anyway Ted, keep up the good work.
P.S. I intend to visit Victory Cemetary when I'm in town again. After all these years I was not aware that it existed.

Wilbur Just of Kansas 10/26/'04

Wilbur Just (1950)
Names in the 1950 CHS Photo: Jim Stivers, Burl Swift, Mary Harris, Johnny Butts, Laynna Swart, Le Roy Heinrichs, Bobie Jean Elliott, Fondine Jackson, Roy Gene Nikket, Earl Fifer, Jo Ann Holmes, David Bronnom, Lola Gaylord, Cecil Martin, Wilbur Just, Anne Bryant, H.M. Rogers Jr., Ernest Reimer, George Sallee Jr., Dorthy Gillespie, Burlen Williams, Ima Jean Keith, Benny Wedel, Bonnie Morris, Bobby Gene Moore, Norma Buchfink, Paul Gene Moser, Glenn Kaemper, Thomasina Bradshaw, Bill Thomas, Margie Bordwine, Curtis Hadley, Bernice Stewart, Melvin Anstine, Betty Richardson and Thomas Moser.
Note: I might have misspelled some names above reading off a magnified photo. Would be glad to make corrections if anyone sees an error. -- Ted 10/26/2004