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Collinsville, Oklahoma

City Commission Meeting
Nov. 1, 2004
Property Annexations / Refuse Collection Report
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The Collinsville City Commission met Monday, Nov. 1st
at 7pm (at the City Hall Annex, 1126 West Main) for the regular meeting of the Municipal Authority and Commission.


Mayor Stan Sallee and Commissioner Melodie Bateman were absent. Vice Mayor Gail Rogers presided with Commissioner Pam Porter and Commissioner Brad Overholt voting.

1. Approval of Minutes of the Collinsville City Commission Regular Meeting of October 18, 2004.
2. Approval of disbursements and payroll.
3. Cemetery Deeds.


1. Consideration and possible action to transfer the balance of the Refuse Sanitation Budget of $215,542.00 from General Fund Account (01-535-2210) to CMA Fund Account (50-535-2210). Approved

2. Public Hearing, discussion and possible approval of Ordinance 747 pertaining to annexation of property located approximately ¼ mile east of the intersection of US Hwy 20 and 146th St. N. Approved ... I'd ignore the agenda description ... it is located across Hwy 20/146th South of High School and East of Cemetery (just like items 4 & 5 below) ... based on description in the detailed packet. The applicant is George Sallee, D.G. & S. Properties. The property will enter the city as part of Ward 4.

3. Discussion and approval of emergency clause pertaining to Ordinance 747. Approved

4. PUBLIC HEARING: CZ-151 - Public hearing and consideration of Zoning Ordinance 748 on a request to rezone property generally located at 2400 Block of W Broadway or South of Collinsville High School and legally described as advertised as CA-151 from AG to RS-3; Rezoning a tract of land located in Section 30, T22 North, R14 East, Tulsa County, Oklahoma. Approved

5. PUBLIC HEARING: CZ-152 - Public hearing and consideration of Zoning Ordinance 749 on a request to rezone property generally located at 2400 Block of W Broadway or South of Collinsville High School and legally described as advertised as CA-152 from AG to CG; Rezoning a tract of land located in Section 30, T22 North, R14 East, Tulsa County, Oklahoma. Approved

6. First reading of Ordinance 750 pertaining to annexation of the North half of the NW quarter of Section 26, Township 22 N, Range 13 East of the Indian Base and Meridian. Will be acted on Nov. 15th. This is another D.G. & S. property East of Sheridan (South of Cobblestone on Hwy 20).

7. Discussion and possible acceptance of Deed of Dedication of 17.5 ' Utility Easement in Lot 4, Block 27, Original Town of Collinsville; Lot split CLS-154. Approved, the homes are already built.

8. Discussion and possible approval of Encroachment and License Agreement pertaining to a request from Daniel and Charlene Etter to encroach into an existing single purpose Sanitary Sewer Easement in Block 9, Goodales Subdivision more specifically 2113 W South Street. Approved, a portable building (on skids) 16x20 feet that can be moved off the easement if the city needs access is planned.


Consideration and possible action to go into Executive Session to discuss the following:

1. Confidential communication with City Attorney regarding pending investigations, proceedings, claims and litigation as allowed by O.S. 25, 307 (b) (4).

· Tattershall
· Tort Claim - SBC
· Tort Claim- Katherine Thomas
· Tort Claim- David Young

2. Discussions concerning the employment, hiring, appointment, promotion, demotion,
disciplining or resignation of any individual salaried public officer or employee as allowed by O.S. 25, 307 (b) (1).

· City Manager selection process

1. Consideration of any new business, which can be considered an emergency, to come before the City Commission not known about or which could not have been reasonably anticipated at the time of posting this agenda. Developer Kyle Smalygo informed the city that an unexpected (1996) city lien was found today on the property discussed in item 7 above. The property is scheduled to go to closing (tomorrow) Nov. 2 and Kyle asked the city's aid in clearing this up. Ken Underwood told the commission he would not be able to offer an opinion to the commissioners without more information. No action was taken.

Collinsville Municipal Authority Agenda:

IV. CONSENT: All matters under "Consent" are considered by the Authority to be routine and will be enacted by one motion. Any Trustee may, however, remove an item from consent by request.
a) Approval of Minutes of the Collinsville Municipal Authority Regular Meeting of October 18, 2004.
b) Approval of disbursements and payroll.


1. Residential and commercial refuse update report from Flint Kyler with Waste Connection Inc. Over 1600 polycarts have been placed and about 190 commercial accounts are being serviced. The goal of being fully automated by Nov. 1st was not quite achieved. The truck routes are still being finalized. Several more commercial accounts that had not been paying refuse charges with the previous hauler have been discovered during continued audits.

2. Acting City Manager Report (by Bob Wolfram):
* Calls about refuse collection are tapering off. Some rate increases have been delayed til next billing cycle.
* Improvements at 5th & Main are 80-90% complete. Signal adjustments and additional features are anticipated. Drainage and pedistrian lights / crosswalks were not addressed initially. The state will do striping from Karen's Kitchen to Hwy 169, as well as some adjustments at 5th and Broadway.
* Progress on the Fire/EMS construction has been slowed by the rain. 5-8 days without rain are needed before the slab can be poured. The bid package for the City Hall rebuild is almost complete. Depending on final cost estimates the bid will include furnishings from the Correction Department, meeting room electronics, and emergency power for both City Hall & Fire/EMS buildings.
* Status on Vision 2025 funded plans for beautification and neighborhoods.
* Expects Appearance District standards by end of the year for 4 or 5 different corridors in Collinsville. This would be an additional review process on the apprerance of buildings beyond existing zoning requirements.

-- Ted Wright 11/1/2004 10:30pm's
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The new automated refuse collection truck dumps the polycarts into the "Curotto-Can" which is then dumped into the back of the truck after several polycarts are emptied.