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Collinsville, Oklahoma
Election 2004
Nov. 2-3, 2004
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Real Voters Busy

Mock Election at Wilson Elementary

These voter cast their ballots at the Collinsville Health Center Tuesday. The lines were short enough at about 9am for the election workers to look up from their work. The voters had to choose between U.S. Presidential candidates George W. Bush and John Kerry, as well as local officials and state questions.
The students at Wilson Elementary held their own mock election Tuesday and tallied their choice for U.S. President. The results: President Bush 369 & John Kerry 98.

Colburn & Sullivan & Wilt Win
State Questions Approved

Links for Election Results:
Channel 8's was best Tuesday evening -- Ted
According to ABC News at 10am Wednesday Nov. 3, Senator John Kerry had called President George W. Bush and conceded. Kerry addressed the nation at about 1:45pm.