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Power Lifters Qualify For State
March 8, 2004 (& Mar 24 Update)
C.H.S. Football Players Competed at Regionals at Hilldale H.S. Mar. 5th
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Eleven C.H.S. football players traveled to Hilldale High School to compete in the Regional/Area Power Lifting Meet Friday March 5, 2004. All of the young men showed improvement by lifting more total weight than the last meet at Victory Christian School.

Ricky Morgan placed 3rd in the 198lb weight class with a bench of 235, dead lift of 445, and a squat of 390 to total 1,070 pounds. Brad Williamson placed 5th in the 123lb weight class with a bench of 160, dead lift of 275, and a squat of 195 for a total of 630 pounds. Boone Upky placed 5th in the Heavyweight class with a bench of 295, dead lift of 460, and a squat of 435 for a total of 1,190 pounds. Boone benched 305lbs. but racked the weight before the judge told him to which disqualified that great lift.

Ricky, Brad, and Boone all qualified to compete next weekend at the State Power Lifting Meet to be held at Norman North High School Saturday March 13th. Nick Rabbit, Trevor Dawson, and Andrew Peardon all placed 6th, and they may receive an at large bid to compete at state.

The lifters competed very hard and all of Collinsville should be proud of their success. -- Coach Slagle

Brad Williamson, Ricky Morgan and Boone Upky will complete at State Competition Saturday March 13th at Norman North High School.
Weight Name Bench Dead Squat Total Place
123 Brad Williamson 160 275 195 630 5th
168 J.R. Groeneveld 165 315 Scratch 480
168 Andrew Evans Scratch 300 315 615
181 Larry Vice 175 365 280 820
198 Ricky Morgan 235 445 390 1070 3rd
198 Nick Rabbit 260 410 350 1020 6th
275 Andrew Peardon 265 420 340 1025 6th
275 Zach Mendez 210 395 365 970 9th
HWT Boone Upky 295 460 435 1190 5th
HWT Trevor Dawson 225 465 415 1105 6th
HWT Seth Gruenwald 200 450 370 1020 7th
Boone Upky
March 24th update (from Coach Slagle) Results from State: Each improved their weight lifting total. Boone Upky benched a personal best of 310 lbs. and dead lifted a personal best of 500 lbs. All three lifters, Ricky Morgan, Brad Williamson, and Boone Upky placed in the middle of their weight divisons. Each of these young men will return next year and vie for a state title.